Nashville Pop Singer-Songwriter Liv Nicholson Releases Holiday-Inspired Single ‘3 Decembers’

Dynamic Nashville pop singer, Liv Nicholson, is bringing the holiday spirit just in time with a fun and energetic twist with her recent single release on November 13th.

Titled “3 Decembers”, the catchy tune is for those who are romantics and even skeptics, considering it reminisces on a non-existent love life from three Decembers ago, while being grateful for the love that is now present. It paints the perfect picture of how seasons change, and how the holidays can bring different emotions throughout different stages of life. While the first verse is a somber recollection, it turns around with the upbeat chorus that will make any listener want to dance around the Christmas tree. The playful contrast between the two verses show that the future is bright no matter the current circumstances. 

Traveling the country from New York to Nashville, Nicholson found her passion for writing and performing back in 2016. Drawing inspiration from artists like Julia Michaels and Taylor Swift, she pairs vulnerable lyrics with a fiery and passionate feel-good sound. Almost 10 years after she wrote her first song, Liv was accepted to Belmont University, where she graduated with a songwriting degree in December 2019. 

While this may be her first holiday single, a few other songs have already reached platforms as well. “Haunted” hit streaming services in 2018, which has more of an eerie traditional-folk feel with powerful and chilling vocals. Followed by “Two Way Street” and “Sugarcoat”, Liv shows her sassy and bold side with lines like, “Everytime my headlights beam I see that I’ve been blinded” and “I know you think it’s sweet, but you can shoot it straight with me”. 

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According to Nicholson, “The inspiration behind this song kind of came about while we were writing it. We had this title ‘3 Decembers,’ but what we wanted to say fell into place as we wrote it. During the session, I realized that exactly three Decembers ago, I was heartbroken. I had gone through a breakup the summer of 2017, and was still dealing with the pain of that throughout the 2017 holiday season. We wrote the first verse through the lens of a Christmas skeptic. We realized it would be really cool if we could repeat the lyrics in the second verse, but with a positive change in the narrative. That’s when I made the connection that even though I was sad and lonely three years ago, this year I’m happy, healthy, and in love. The perfect ingredients for the narrative to switch and to give us our hook: ‘But this year I have you!'”

Along with her holiday single, Liv is currently writing and recording new music to play with our emotions again, so we can expect more coming soon in 2021. Until then, “3 Decembers” will give us all of the cheer and hope we need to close out this year.

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