Mysterious Indie Western Duo Bad Flamingo Release New Tracks From God Knows Where & God Knows When, But They Exist

Everyone loves a good mystery.

Bad Flamingo is one such musical act that carries said mystique. But for a little clarity on this indie rock-meets-Annie Get Your Gun duo, you’ve got The One on the Right, and The One on the Left. Sorry to play spoiler, but given the nature of these articles, we find it our job to relay information on these artists. Cat’s outta the bag. Oh, and they play instruments.

This enigmatic duo of Zorro mask-donning Oscar Wilde enthusiasts caught our ear with their minimalist sultry western jam, “Open The Gates,” which hit airwaves May 8th. Their artistic imagery-ridden music video that accompanies it is something to behold that further illuminates the mysterious and intriguing persona that is Bad Flamingo.

A few days after they released that track, they came out with another, “Dandy Little Day.” After watching the video for “Open The Gates,” and listening to this dandy little ditty, I was sold. This ain’t your singer songwriter duo of Jenny and Janie Jones writing three-chord acoustic songs about breakups.

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Ya ain’t going to get much out of ’em, but we asked these two some questions, and they had some semblance of answers.

Typically I don’t ask about where a band name comes from, but this one has my intrigue. So what’s the story behind Bad Flamingo?

Bad Flamingo means three things. It’s an elbow to someone’s arm — an inside comment. And two other things.

There’s quite a bit of mystery to you two. Do you care to divulge names (first is fine) and where you’re based, or do you intend to preserve the mystique?

We don’t mind at all. The One on the Left. The One on the Right. And we’re from yonder.

Who are some primary influences behind your music and style?

Singing cowboys, blue suede, cinnamon, Gibson, and good boots.

What’s the significance with the Oscar Wilde quote you have plastered on your various pages?

It means if we’re wearing our masks we’re telling you the truth. The question you should be asking instead is whether we have our masks on right now.

So your single “Open The Gates” just hit streaming services and you have another, “Dandy Little Day” coming out tomorrow. Are they going to be part of an upcoming EP/LP?

You got it, partner. An LP is round the bend.

Can you talk about the inspiration for “Open The Gates?”

It all started with the barking dogs next door.

And how about “Dandy Little Day?”

Well… some days are fine, some days are good, and some days have to become dandy.

How does the songwriting process work between the two of you?

We don’t do processes.

What’s the last movie or TV show you watched?


Other than making music, how else have you been passing pandemic time?

Oh, you know. Tai chi.

If the pandemic magically disappeared tomorrow and all was back to “normal,” what’s one of the first establishments you’d go to?

There’s this particular grilled cheese. A double feature. A dive. Midnight pancakes. Repeat.

Where do you hope to see Bad Flamingo in three years?

Quite possibly it will be a supermoon, and we’ll be stretched out on an emerald setee, velvet. And the lights will be off except for one corner lamp, red. And a crooner will come on. And we’ll stand and sway just a little as we fasten on our masks.


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