Music Tech Spotlight: Mixlo App Helps Fans Find Local Music & Engage With Their Scene

Music tech is always evolving and advancing, seeking to make life easier and more convenient in a variety of ways. Enter one of the newest platforms, Mixlo.

The Mixlo app is a first-of-its-kind music discovery platform that utilizes users’ location to connect them with artists in their area.

Using location based charts, Mixlo shows users what local musicians are on the rise in their area, and different ways they can support them. Listeners can use Mixlo’s map exploration feature to view and stream the music of any city that has music available on the platform, opening a world of intuitive music discovery that can connect fans with emerging music from across the globe.

In talking to CPO Brandon “Bowie” Roy about what made him want to create Mixlo, he told us, “[It] began back when we were active musicians in our local music scene. As we released music, played shows, and got to know the landscape of what it’s like to be local artists, we started to realize there were a lot of common obstacles between ourselves and other musicians we got to know, with the biggest probably being there not being an easy way for communities to discover the music around their location.”

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Roy went on to say, “If Tinder could use location tech to modernize the dating scene, why hadn’t any platform been created to do a similar revitalization for local music? It seemed like there should logically be a better way of discovering local music out there than what’s been largely available.”

Mixlo aims to improve the way music is discovered, but also the way that artists are financially supported in the music streaming landscape. To do this, Mixlo offers the ability for listeners to easily tip artists directly through the platform, with 100% of the proceeds going to artists. The incentivized tipping system can pay out an estimated 15-20x as much as typical streaming models. Fans who tip are then gifted in-app rewards to help incentivize community support for their local musicians. Fans are allowed to decide for themselves how the artists they have discovered and loved are supported.

When asked what they hope to achieve, Roy told us, “Simply put, we want to help music lovers everywhere feel more connected with the music communities around them. We want to create ways that help these fans, artists, and venues amongst local communities be able to come together, interact with each other, support each other, and help their local music scene grow together.”

Although still in the Beta phase, Mixlo is expected to be fully running by the end of the summer.

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