Music Business Spotlight: Online Recording & Publishing Platform Tunedly

As if we didn’t live through screens enough, our current reality has made us more dependent and reliant on technology than ever before. 

And when it comes to producing and publishing music, that is no different. If it was practical and convenient to do it before, it’s all but necessary now. And even when some semblance of normalcy is retained, the damage is already done, and people will long be conscious of tight quarters, passing germs, and so on.  

That’s not to say recording and producing music in more manual methods will ever go out of style, as there is a world of merit to it, but we all want options, and Tunedly presents an awfully enticing one. 

Founded in 2015 by Chris Erhardt and Mylène Besançon, Tunedly is an online recording studio and publishing platform where songwriters can hire and collaborate with top tier session musicians. And these aren’t just session players off the street- these are some of the best in the business. The list highlights heavy hitters such as Ian Smith (Frank Sinatra Jr., Barry Manilow, The Supremes, The Temptations), Emmy and ASCAP winning Nashville guitarist and drummer Trey Bruce, and a number of others. 

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Perhaps most impressive of all, they boast a partnership with Mathew Knowles and Harvey Mason Jr. And if the first name sounds somewhat familiar, that’s because he is the father of Beyonce and Solange, and head of Music World Entertainment. Knowles acts as an Advisor to the company. While Knowles *may* have more name recognition, Mason Jr. has an enormous and beyond impressive resume as a songwriter, music producer, and movie producer. He has written and produced for artists such as Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and many other A-listers. He also acts as the Interim President of The Recording Academy. He too is an Advisor with the company. 

Created by musicians, the notion for live collaboration music production and publishing solutions was born out of a demand to remove the walls faced by many songwriters who want to make a life out of music, but either lack the means to make it happen, or are unsure how to connect with the necessary talent and resources.            

When navigating the site under Music Production, you’ll see three primary packages with add-ons: Single Instrument, Small Band, Full Band. With all three, you can choose to Add Lead Vocals, Add Two Background Vocals, and Add Composing at various costs. If none of these appeals to you exactly, they do offer customized packages. Additionally, you have a Song Plugging tab where you can submit your songs to their A&R department, and a Features tab offering more information on their packages.

There’s a variety of ways in which one can use the services of Tunedly. Some artists may choose to create their entire song on the platform, while others may hire Tunedly to provide a specific instrument. 

Maybe you have your indie rock jam all but completed, but you’re dying to get a killer keyboard riff implemented- explore keyboard players on Tunedly. Or maybe you’ve got a bluegrass track for the ages, and you’ve tried like the wind to land a banjo player, but Tim just skipped town for good and you’re all out of banjo players- Tunedly has your back. Regardless of your sonic need, you should be able to find what it is you desire for your track. 

Tunedly can be especially beneficial if you don’t live in a larger city with more options in musicians. It’s one thing to live in Nashville, Austin, LA, or wherever with bountiful options of folks to play and record with, but if you’re a dedicated musician living in Butte, Montana, you may have some trouble finding the people you need to make your tracks come to life. And there are lots of Buttes out there.

Erhardt, co-founder of Tunedly said: “Tunedly really just happened because I couldn’t find talented musicians where I lived when I was still actively writing songs in 2015. Mylene introduced me to some of the musicians she managed and we started to collaborate online, building a method to streamline the process and all of a sudden, it became a business and songwriters all over the world started using it for their music production needs.”

As if getting together in a studio wasn’t hard enough (and pricey), it’s that much harder nowadays. Especially considering artists and those in the entertainment industry are some of the most virus-conscious folks, considering their livelihood will be some of the last to be implemented in society again, and they’re taking measures above and beyond to make sure they can get out there sooner than later. 

Tunedly has seen 4000+ projects completed with 500+ clients, and they’ve been featured in reputable publications such as Yahoo Finance, Celebrity Access, Billboard, and more on behalf of the unique platform they offer, especially in a time like this.  

On average, each client creates around ten songs per year. About 10% of all Tunedly users make a living for themselves with their music. Now who’s to say how lavished that living is, but it sparks intrigue and is definitely saying something. It especially turns heads when the reported national average is just under 5%.

Tunedly effectively streamlines the recording and publishing process for those wondering where to start, or those who’ve reached dead ends in traditional routes, and cuts through the thick red tape. Being they are only five years old, it seems the future is rather bright for this unique and practical business.


[This was a sponsored post in conjunction with Tunedly.]

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