Mother-Daughter Duo Cliffs + Caves Celebrate Complexities Of Life On New EP ‘Lost The Trail’

Houston-based mother-daughter duo Cliffs + Caves are riding the high off of their brand new EP, Lost the Trail, which features their notable new single, “Eso Si Que Es.”

The familial duo of Lindsey and Claire Justice are known for candidly sharing their personal and relatable stories through their music. Balancing folk and acoustic accompaniment, the pair creates inspirational music that offers the potential to resonate with audiences within a range of ages.

Their last single leading up to the EP release, “Eso Si Que Es,” explores delicate fingerstyle guitar, and gracefully layers powerful harmonies, which demonstrate the duo’s flexibility and tenacity. The song deals with common themes of grief, heartache, love, and empathy for loved ones. 

The pair describe the song as having a calming vibe, aligning with the song’s title, which is a play on the phrase, “It is what it is,” but with a more hopeful undertone. 

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“Eso Si Que Es”

Last year, the mother-daughter duo spent time in Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons enjoying nature, wildlife, and magic of the mountains, and this experience played a big role in inspiring the single and their EP as a whole.

On their way back from the trip, Lindsey received the devastating news of her friend being back in the hospital to receive cancer treatment, which would form the basis of the first few lines of the song, “Life is full of magic things mixed with tragedies.”

“It’s about letting yourself experience the fullness of whatever life has – whether it’s wonderful or heartbreaking, or both simultaneously,” Lindsey Justice says.

Taking inspiration from famous singer-songwriters like Damien Rice, Phoebe Bridgers and Noah Gundersen, the lyrics and rhythm of this song conveys complex human emotions and how sometimes life needs to take the “it is what it is” phrase in an optimistic light. This song serves as a reminder to appreciate moments spent with people you love.

Lost The Trail

The single sets the precedent for the tone of the EP. The rest of the songs also follows the indie-alternative folk sound, with lyrics showcasing the duo’s ability to portray life through melodic phrasing.

The EP starts with “Sunrise,” a track whose melodies and eloquent production see a classic American sound rooted in alternate atmospheres.

The second song of the EP, “Mint Gum,” sees a feature from Texas-based singer David Ramirez, whose songs also often deal with sorrow, love and redemption. This track caters to the artist’s search for the truth in a world full of conspiracy theories, and is a moment of visceral reckoning.

Cliffs + Caves refreshed sound is a slight pivot from their blend of contemporary Americana as heard in their 2017 debut EP, Hold On, and in their 2019 EP, Capsize. However, one thing that has remained consistent for the pair is their intimate lyricism, heart-touching melodies, and mother-daughter bond.


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