Get To Know: Andy Kahrs Delivers Soulful Confidence-Boosting New Single ‘Sleepin’ On Yourself’

Atlanta native Andy Kahrs was always on a mission to find his artistic identity.

Starting with playing the blues across the Southeast, the artist traveled further west to San Francisco, only to be reminded of his southern roots. After many a gig in local bars, Kahrs discovered an eagerness of self-expression, which soon led him back south, this time to Music City. He stated that, “Nashville was always in the back of my mind as the ultimate destination, and the perfect place to grow and develop.”

Kahrs music offers a retro-soul and bluesy Americana sound. On his latest three-track EP, Together, we hear elements of country and folk mixed in too.

In his latest single, “Sleepin’ On Yourself,” we are presented with Kahrs crisp voice over a well-produced soul sound. He has a natural soulful voice that hearkens to a Sam Cooke/Motown era. The track was released on May 12th.

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“Sleepin’ On Yourself”

The single is filled with positivity that is meant to empower the listener, and dissuade from feeling things like “imposter syndrome.” Be yourself, free yourself.

The familiar rhythm and soulful guitar riffs invite us in to a cozy and familiar space. Brighter tones from the organ and guitars feel like they are waking up the best of us that perhaps we were ‘sleepin’ on.’ Warm regards sent from Kahrs presents reassurance for listeners to break “out of the shell.”

Kahrs states, “I’m still learning how to believe in myself. There’s a bully inside our hearts and brains that take some serious work to silence. I was in a down and doubtful place when my wife said a few words that inspired me to write this song.”

Kahrs will be performing at the upcoming Pride615 event hosted by Ashlevans ENT and Shure on June 5th at Eastside Bowl in Madison, Tennessee.

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