New Jersey Native Jason Erie Brings Country Soul to Nashville

Editor’s Note: Originally published September 2018

It’s often intriguing to try to gauge the inspiration behind someone’s music by diving in head first without any prior knowledge.

This was the case for Jason Erie.

When I lifted the proverbial needle and set it down on track one (clicking doesn’t sound as glamorous) I immediately appreciated his delicate, soulful, Americana singer-songwriter style. The melodic finger-picking is much akin to that of a Nick Drake, accompanied with strong vocals like that of a Chris Stapleton. An interesting combination, no doubt. Right when I thought I knew what I was getting into, his song “Conversations With A Bottle” grabbed me by the *bollocks and threw me on a raucous honky tonk dance floor, badass fiddle and all. I was impressed with his quick and drastic but totally wonderful change of pace. I’m all for the drastic change of pace. You have to mix it up. And Erie does this like a seasoned professional.

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As his songs cycled through, I came to the conclusion the man has a knack. He’s got lyrics that hit home, especially small town home, with a very salt of the earth feel. He encapsulates blue collar life, and delivers his poignant lyrics with his powerful yet melodic voice.

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, he spent over ten years fronting multiple bands with numerous trips on the road. After five years leading New York-based rock band Waking Up East, Jason decided he would take a sabbatical from music. In 2016, after a four-year hiatus, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, newborn son, and his well-worn notebook. He was determined to put that well-worn notebook to good use. If anyone can take on the challenge of being a successful Nashville singer-songwriter, Erie sure stands a good chance. Fans of Bruce Springsteen, Jason Isbell, and John Mellencamp could find themselves deep in the throes of Erie’s music.

Erie will have his highly anticipated debut album “The Art of Letting Go” slated for release October 26th, 2018. You can catch him playing shows around Nashville in coming days and weeks at places like Radio Cafe, Tin Roof, Loretta Lynn’s Campfire Sessions, and more.

For more info on Jason Erie, check out his website HERE and be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for his album “The Art of Letting Go”.

Photo By Kristin Indorato

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