Jacksonville’s Finest Dreamy Beach Rockers, Faze Wave

There will always be a place in music for bubbly beach-dream indie rock, and Faze Wave nestles snug in the bosom of that place.

This young Jacksonville trio pulses through bouncy chorus and melody driven riffs with style and grace, much akin to beach-pop rockers of yore we know and adore, yet Faze Wave possesses a unique quality that has their fan base ever-expanding.

“I know you’re 23/And I’m just a boy/Is it my youth or you miss your home back in Illinois/And while we’re on the subject/Of my innocence and ignorance/The flavor on my tongue is bitter/I’m getting used to it,” lead singer Matthew Flynn sings in “Suburban Boy” before leading into a classic pop chorus hook. The band induces a nostalgia for younger formative years, a time that reflects skipping lectures to chill with the homies, fumbling through significant other issues, or just  trying to figure out yourself and others. Their music makes you want to talk to the shy girl at the keg party and see what may blossom.

They recently released their newest eight-track album, “Lethologica” which can be found on Spotify HERE. These young bucks know how to play the game, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see them start filling in slots on music festivals in coming years, so keep your ear to the ground.

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The gang is currently on the road with Sleep House and you can find them in the following towns/venues:

Faze Wave consists of Matthew Flynn on guitar/vocals, Hunter Hileman on bass, and Zachary Stickler on drums. So if you’re in the market for some up and coming indie rock, be sure to lend your ears to the sonic boom of Faze Wave, and you can thank us later.

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You can learn more about Faze Wave on their Facebook page HERE.

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