An Interview With Australian Country Pop Artist Jade Gibson

Editor’s Note: Originally published April 2019

It’s easy to associate country music with states below the Mason-Dixon line, but country music lives and thrives all over the world. Just ask Australian country artist Jade Gibson. Gibson just released her debut single, “The Great Unknown” a little over a month ago, and it charted #1 on the Australian Country charts and #31 on the Overall Chart ranking amongst some of the most current popular music. On Friday, April 12th, Gibson released the same titled full length EP.

After performing all over Australia for the last several years, Gibson knew it was time to take a leap of faith, follow her heart, and go to the city that is notorious for cowboy boots and honky tonks. When Gibson got to Nashville, she was connected with up and coming country writers in town, and wrote the songs that have become her debut EP. With strong female influences such as Carrie Underwood, Kelsea Ballerini, and Miranda Lambert, Gibson has some incredible role models shaping her own pop/country style.

Gibson has returned to Australia to celebrate the release of, “The Great Unknown,” and is planning to return to Nashville this coming summer where she plans to start writing more and working on her next project.

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We had the opportunity to talk to Gibson about the release of her single, her EP, and charting #1 on the Australian country charts for her very first song.

Music Mecca: So your single “The Great Unknown,” came out in early March and caught quite a bit of attention on the Country Charts. Considering this song was your first ever single, how have you felt about the response you have been getting so far?

Jade Gibson: I have been so overwhelmed by the positive support ‘The Great Unknown’ has had. And while this was my first release ever, I have been performing around Australia for over 7 years so this release has felt like a long time coming and I felt a pressure from the anticipation of those who have followed me through the years and to make them proud is what I am most happy with. Australian country radio has been amazing supporting a young independent artist find their feet so I am so grateful.

MM: What was the motivation behind choosing “The Great Unknown,” as the single for the EP?

JG: Not only is “The Great Unknown” the most upbeat on the EP, but it was also the first song I ever wrote, so it felt very fitting for it to be the first song I ever release.

MM: You came to Nashville in January of 2018 from Australia to write music and immerse yourself in Music City. What was that journey like for you?

JG: I had been dreaming of going to Nashville since the age of about 15, and it truly did live up to my dream.

MM: What do you enjoy most about the music scene in Australia? Who are some of your favorite Australian artists?

JG: I love the community of country music in Australia. We all feel the same passion and struggle with choosing music as our lives and it brings us together. Growing up my family would always play and support Australian bands and artists such as Powderfinger, John Farnham, Cold Chisel and Missy Higgins and I still go to their shows today and support them. I feel that same support from those who follow me as well.

MM: Did you come to Nashville with the goal in mind of leaving with a set of songs you could release?

JG: Yes I did! I have always dreamed of recording in Nashville and I love american country music so it just felt right.

MM: What are your future plans for after the release of your debut EP? Tour, full length album, collaborations?

JG: I am currently back in my home country of the land down under promoting my music on tour and pushing it to Australian country radio. I will be returning to Nashville in August to get back to writing and working on my next project. I would love to start working towards an album.

MM: Aside from writing music, what was your favorite part about your time in Nashville? Do you plan to permanently move here in the future?

JG: I love the energy in the town. It’s a town of dreamers, and there is a certain magical feeling about Nashville. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tough city, but I love the challenge and being surrounded by all those dream chasers inspires me to keep to chasing mine as well.

MM: Who are your current Top 3 female country artists?

JG: Carrie and Miranda are queens and path makers in the industry. I also love Kelsea Ballerini a lot. I feel like our styles are very similar and look up to her a lot.

MM: When is your EP set to release?

JG: My debut EP ‘The Great Unknown’ will be available everywhere as of the 12th of April, along with my second music video for the last track on the record called, “Start Again.”

For more info on Jade and her music, check out her website HERE.

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