An Interview With D.C. Turned Nashville Pop Artist Rosemary Joaquin

It takes a bold person to uproot from everything they’re used to and take a shot on something big. For Rosemary Joaquin, that was leaving her comfort zone in Washington D.C. to head further south to Music City to declare herself a new face in the pop music game. With fierce competition from Broadway to Broadmoor and everywhere surrounding, Joaquin is a hungry young artist willing to put in the work to achieve her dreams.

Joaquin has seen early success with her latest single, “Sleep Without It,” as well as her previous hit single “Showered,” along with several others. Most of her singles have seen tens of thousands of Spotify streams and Youtube views, but “Bad Song” takes the cake with 700,000 streams. Joaquin has a unique punchy voice that holds bass and power. “Sleep Without It” is her latest musical expression, and this is merely the beginning for this young star on the rise.

Joaquin was kind enough to give some insight into the creation of her single, and everything else she’s got going on.

Music Mecca: What do you like most about the Nashville pop scene?

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Rosemary Joaquin: The Nashville music scene in the pop community, although small, is growing quickly. There are so many opportunities to perform and hone your craft. It is such a cool city to collaborate and create as much music as possible…an artist’s heaven!

MM: How does it compare to D.C.’s scene?

RJ: Right after I graduated I moved straight to Nashville so I did not give D.C’s music scene a big enough chance. If anything, every artist goes through D.C. at one point, so the access to shows is unreal!

MM: Who are your top three artists on the rise?

RJ: Sasha Sloan, Carlie Hanson, Maisie Peters

MM: You just released your latest single, “Sleep Without It.” Why is this song important to you?

RJ: It is my first single that really shows off my range. With the low verses and catchy belt chorus, it is one of my favorite tracks to sing.  I wrote it because I noticed that the moment the world went quiet and nothing was there to distract me, my mind would begin to race.

MM: Can fans expect to see it on an upcoming EP/album? And if so when?

RJ: This year will be the year of singles for Rosemary Joaquin music! In the future I do want to put out an EP but for now, as a developing artist, the singles are giving me the leeway to create without restraining myself to one specific sound.

MM: How does this song compare or contrast from your previous single, “Showered’?

RJ: “Showered” will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first track I have ever released. I learned a lot from “Showered”, like how long creating something like that takes, who is going to help me, things like that. “Sleep Without It” is a far more polished track production wise and lyrically.

MM: What is your creative process like when writing songs?

RJ: My favorite way to go about writing a song is to start out just on the piano then move to a producer to get a demo version going. To get inspired I need a really good melody. Once I have a strong melody it is easier for me as an artist to come up with lyrics.

MM: What do you hope to achieve in your musical career five years from now?

RJ: My goal has always been to have a stadium full of people singing back my lyrics and having a good time. I know it is easy to dream, harder to actually make it happen. Doing the work, putting in the effort, focusing on making that stadium dream happen, that will be what my next five years looks like. I want to be performing, putting out music and getting people excited about Rosemary Joaquin music.

MM: If you weren’t playing music, what could you see yourself doing?

RJ: I really enjoy food. I love a good restaurant, charcuterie board, and dessert. If I wasn’t pursuing music I would probably be trying to figure out how to incorporate my love of food into my life.

Be sure to stream Rosemary’s music on Spotify, which can be found right HERE.

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