An Interview With Mary Moore & Look Into Her New Single ‘Map My Body’

From relatable lyrics about nature, to a night of young love, new Nashville recording artist Mary Moore is paving her way to success through hard work and originality. She just released her latest single, “Map My Body,” that will later be on her upcoming EP, set for release at the end of the summer this year.

A Virginia native, Moore moved to Nashville after graduating college to pursue her dream of becoming a songwriter and artist. She is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist having grown up playing trumpet, French horn, piano, and guitar. Aside from being an accomplished musician, Moore has an absolute powerhouse voice that can captivate any audience. She combines creative story-telling lyrics with a sound that is nothing short of intoxicating.

Moore’s new single has a chorus that sends chills down the spine with its intense harmonies and strong emotion. It is a sensual song that makes you feel like the story belongs to you.

Moore has had two other successful singles entitled “The Sinner” and “Hesitant Kiss.” Though she defines herself as a rock indie artist, she has versed herself in many genres, having grown up singing in choirs, musicals, and acapella groups. She has written songs in country, folk, and rock styles as well.

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We caught up with Mary and asked her some questions about her latest single, and what she has in store for the future.

MM: You just released your latest single, “Map My Body.” What is the background and inspiration behind this song?

Mary Moore: Map My Body was inspired by a night shared with another person, and the lyrics were driven by my love of nature. I think there is something so beautiful about the unknown and uncharted, and when you first begin to explore another person, you sometimes find things out about them, and they find things out about you, that no one has ever seen before. I was first just writing lyrics about the night, and then stumbled upon the hook of the song “Come Map My Body Out”, and then I started thinking about how beautiful maps and cartography are. I loved the idea of comparing a lover to an explorer, and my body to an unconquered land. I’ve always been obsessed with forests, trees, mountains, and all outdoor lands, and I wanted to write a song that made you want to be outside dancing!

MM: Is this single going to be part of an upcoming album or EP?

Mary: This single is from my upcoming EP “Rooted Heart” coming out in late July/early August! The songs on the EP have some sort of “nature” essence in them and are about growing and learning, all in different ways. I think I have found my sound as an artist and I can’t wait to share the whole EP with the world!

MM: What’s your favorite part about the Nashville music scene?

Mary: I love how encouraging and supportive everyone in Nashville is! I really think this is a community of people who want to see you get better at your craft, and I love that. I also love that there is so much creativity and knowledge in this community. I have learned so much about being an artist and being successful, and that knowledge is coming from the amazing people around me.

MM: Who are your top three emerging Nashville artists folks might not know about?

Mary: Oh my gosh, there are too many amazing artist I have met – but I want to give a shout out to some amazing friends – Karen Hardy – a pop-soul artist. Rosemary Joaquin – a pop artist. and Brooke Alexx – another amazing pop artist.

MM: Do you have any pastimes that aide in the inspiration to your music?

Mary: I would saying walking/driving really inspires my music because my inspiration for songwriting comes from moments and quick thoughts. Usually I will just be walking around, or driving somewhere kind of mindlessly thinking, and out of nowhere lyrics with a melody just bubble up. Usually that initial thought is coupled by an existential crisis I have been thinking about for a week, or from a bigger moment in my life, but the song is typically started by my brain just smacking me in the face with an idea, and then I am feverishly trying to capture the moment and feeling authentically, and using that initial idea as a compass.

MM: Dream Scenario: If you could open for any artist, at any venue, who and where would it be?

Mary: OH my gosh… umm… well I think in my dream I would be the headliner and have amazing emerging artist opening haha- but I would love to open for Brandi Carlile or Florence and the Machine at some beautiful, huge outdoor festival- where we all feel super connected to the earth and being human!

MM: What do you hope to have achieved as an artist five years from now?

Mary: I hope in five years I have released a full album (or maybe two by then!), and have begun regularly touring with a full band.

MM: If you weren’t playing music, what could you see yourself doing?

Mary: I think I would be doing something to help save the environment. I am passionate about Environmental Sustainability and business- so maybe environmental consulting for consumer good businesses!

For more info on Mary and her music, visit her website HERE.

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