An Interview With The Southern Metal Medicine Show Cowboy Josh Newcom

From southern metal, to blues rock, to front porch country music, Josh Newcom has managed to write it all. And half-assin’ the process simply isn’t in his repertoire.

Newcom has shared stages with the legendary Merle Haggard, Jamey Johnson, Blackberry Smoke, Don Williams, and many more. He is one of those around-the-clock artists who writes, records, produces, mixes, and masters all of his own songs. In addition to that, he also has a video for all of his songs that he directed and edited himself. He believes in visualization, stating he thinks it helps people “feel a song”.

Newcom has done something you’ll rarely see other musicians do. He has released a grand total of TEN albums within a year and a half. He emulates dedication and badassery, and keeps the pedal to the floor. He’s also known for his exceptional stage presence and wit on the mic, keeping the audience on their toes. He always leaves his audience wanting more.

Amidst his busy road schedule, Newcom somehow found the time to chat with us and answer some questions about all this and more, so without further adieu…

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Music Mecca: So where did you grow up and what was your introduction to music? 

Josh Newcom: I was born in St Louis and moved to Arkansas around 7 years old. As the youngest, my family was my introduction and inspiration to music. I loved everything they loved. And it was a very wide range. My pops wrote, sang and played guitar as well. So I knew very young I wanted that too. And he was a great teacher.

MM: In looking at your site, it’s awfully impressive to see you’ve released TEN albums in 18 months. Ten albums of varying genres at that, including a Christmas album. Do you worry people may see that as churning out quantity over quality? 

JN: I guess that’s for them to decide. I don’t rush songs by no means. So I look at it like, if it’s finished and I love it, I might as well put it out. I feel like other artists should have a lot more material out. Sometimes they may be sitting around waiting for the money to inspire creativity.

MM: You undoubtedly have quite an eclectic mix of genres you play. Do you have a particular one you enjoy most, and if so why?

JN: I always think I do. But then play something different and think it’s my favorite. Every style seems to change the feeling in the room. And I love being in control of that with the change of a song. Good is all that matters to me.

MM: Although it may be like picking a favorite child, do you have an album closest to your heart that you want fans to hear the most of the ten released? 

JN: Believe me, I been trying to pick that for a long time! It just has to be up to the listener and what inspires them. I don’t release a song until I absolutely love it. Someone else might not care for it. And that’s fine. But if myself and one other person gets it, then that’s success. Plus my wife and kids love everything I do. You can’t ask for more than that.

MM: Could you tell us a bit about your episodes of Renegades, Outlaws, and Gypsies and what they entail?

JN: We homeschool our kids, and my family are always on the road with me. So it was really started for us to look back on our adventures. But everyone started loving it and telling us they felt like they were traveling the world with us. So we just continued to film. It’s really great to look back and know we shared it all together.

MM: What are the top three albums you can listen to any given day to either cheer you up, pump you up, or cool you down?

JN: Ozzy Osbourne Blizzard Of Ozz, Muddy Waters The Complete Plantation Recordings, Ian Moore And All The Colors

MM: How do you feel about the current state of streaming music? Do you think it’s good or bad for music as a whole? 

JN: I think the idea is great. It’s not fair with who receives the money, just like it’s always been with artists and industry. It’s too bad too. There’s plenty of treasure to be fair, but many great artists have went away because it’s not.

MM: Do you have any pastimes that aide in the inspiration to your music?

JN: Not really. My life with my family is the inspiration. We are very conscious to stop and smell the roses and not fly past them on the freeway.

MM: What’s your food and beverage of choice while on the road?

JN: I’m a cheeseburger and fries connoisseur! And I live on diet Pepsi.

MM: Can you tell us one of your most memorable tales of the road or a particular show you’ll never forget?

JN: Meeting Merle Haggard on his bus to discuss directing and filming his video was unbelievable! He was so hospitable and willing to do whatever needed to be done. Almost like he was a new artist trying to come up. That’s why he was an Icon. Not to mention getting to walk up and sing through his microphone and open several shows. So many great memories came from our time with Merle, his family and crew.

For more on Josh Newcom, check out his website HERE.

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