Midwest Indie Pop Rockers Fox Royale Deliver Anthemic New Single ‘Carnival Gods’

Strap into your seat and take a ride with adventurous indie pop rock band Fox Royale, who dropped their catchy new single, “Carnival Gods,” October 28th.

With punching and playful production, Fox Royale blends the electric guitars of rock music with the modern melodies of contemporary pop. The post-chorus and bridge bring in background crowd vocals that the listener could picture singing at one of the band’s infectious live shows.

The sticky song blends the nostalgia of a state fair or local carnival with the throes of being in love. At the top of the carnival, the two subjects feel untouchable as they look over the active landscape, hoping for the ride to never end.

The feel-good, powerhouse single also offers a taste of some early 2000s indie pop rock pioneers, as it was written with and brought to life by Nickolas Wheeler of the All-American Rejects.

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During the tumultuous year of 2020, melodious brothers Nathan and Caleb Hurley formed the exciting and anthemic rock group that is Fox Royale. They channel the dynamic energy of bands like Twenty One Pilots and Bleachers with a twist of their own. 

They’ve since built and maintained momentum by consistently touring throughout 2021 and 2022 supporting their previous five releases, and garnering an audience throughout the country.

“Carnival Gods” is only a taste of what’s in store from Fox Royale, as the earworm of a song is the lead single off their EP that is expected to drop in spring of 2023. The ride has certainly just begun for Fox Royale and the sky is indeed the limit.

The band will be performing in Nashville on November 16th at the Analog at Hutton Hotel.

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