Maudlin Strangers Highlight Mental Fatigue In Frenetic New Electro-Rocker ‘I’m Not In The Right Mind’

Brimming with themes of introspection, self-discovery, and the challenges of navigating one’s own mental landscape, California rockers Maudlin Strangers continue to ride the high off of their latest single, “I’m Not In The Right Mind,” which dropped October 27th.

The song strikes with a frenetic and ferocious intensity from the get go, with hard driving drums and an industrial electro-rock groove that reveals a sense of urgency. With the opening lyrics, “I don’t wanna care right now / I just wanna fade out,” the listeners are pushed into a dark and cerebral world of mental fatigue and nonchalance. 

The chorus hits with a more electro dance-pop feel, with sounds as a whole reminiscent to Muse or even Arctic Monkeys.

Maudlin Strangers

“I’m not in the right mind to decide where I go in life / I’m just trying to get by in ways that I like / But I’m tired of trying,” can be interpreted in different ways. From perhaps occupational and/or romantic exhaustion, or even uncertainty of where to hang your hat, as life gets hard, and depressive episodes can come creeping in.

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The heavy atmospheric quality of the track is enhanced by electronic elements, adding a modern touch to the overall composition as lead singer Jake Hays sings, “What is life? Who am I? What is this darkening cloud above me?”

Born from the creative mind of Hays, Maudlin Strangers took their first steps as a solo indie rock project in 2010. Comprised of close friends Jeff Lehrer (guitar, keys), Kenny Benson (bass), and Richie Gonzales (drums), the group signed a deal with BMG/Vagrant Records. Their label debut — the Overdose EP —  released in 2015, marked the beginning of a journey that saw them touring alongside label-mates Bad Suns across the United States and Canada.

After a west coast run with pop-trio LANY, they also acted as direct support for Cold War Kids on their North America/Canada tour, before ultimately going on a hiatus in 2016. Fast-forward to this year, Maudlin Strangers has re-emerged, and the hiatus-breaking single “I’m Not In The Right Mind” signals a new era for the group.

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