Love, Loss, & The Open Road: National Park Radio Delivers Sticky Indie Folk Jam With New Single ‘Long, Long Night’

Known for their gut-wrenching yet hopeful music, the power duo that is National Park Radio has released an emotional new single that speaks on the powerful themes of love and loss, and does so through a geographical road-bound lens. 

On January 23rd, “Long, Long Night,” hit streaming services, delighting fans with their first release of the year.

The pair, made up of husband and wife Stefan and Kerrie Szabo, work in harmonious tandem in a way that effortlessly reels the listener in.

The lyrics speak of the nostalgic experience of moving away from a relationship that is now a distant memory, and one can hear the longing in the vocals, clearly coming from the heart as it rises and falls with the melody of the song. “Cause it’s gonna be a long long time / Til I’m back in Carolina / Don’t you know that California calls my name,” Stefan sings.

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The unique blend of echoing synths, subtle banjo picking, and a mid-tempo groove carry the song along, creating a familiar and comforting indie folk sound fans of bands like Mumford and Sons and The Avett Brothers can get behind. Much like their previous releases, the track is emotional, heartfelt, and has the satisfying mountain twang that is very on brand for National Park Radio. 

“Long, Long Night”

National Park Radio officially formed in Arkansas a decade ago. Both originally from the Ozark Mountains, the duo was deeply influenced by their upbringing and surroundings, inspiring them to translate their world around them into song.

The couple released their first EP back in 2013, which quickly spread and gained acclaim through the local and regional folk scene. In 2016, they released their first professionally-produced full-length album, an eleven-song work titled The Great Divide, and have continued to consistently release new songs since, building their devoted fanbase. 

Their style is a delightfully eccentric blend of incisive songwriting and organic Americana charm, alongside a heritage of authentic Appalachia-inspired music, and feel like a band we’ll be seeing on future festival lineups.

Keep an eye out for National Park Radio on the road, as they’re likely to add more dates this spring and summer to their tour schedule.

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