California Dreamin’: Vintage Los Angeles Folk Songwriter Annie Of The Canyon Releases New Single ‘Rosie, Rosie’

Every once in a while, it’s best to sit back and let fate run its course. You might just get a song out of it.

In her newest single, “Rosie, Rosie,” folk singer Annie of the Canyon is stealing hearts and playing games she aims to win. This vintage-feeling single showcases her lyrical grit and old-time country artistry, and takes listeners on a journey to the west in the process. 

Her Spotify reads, “There’s something very ‘1972’ about Annie of the Canyon. The way she dresses, the way she lives, and the way she writes music. Right now, she’s probably somewhere in Laurel Canyon playing her guitar and singing a sad song…but not the kind of sad song that makes you want to stop listening and put on something happier.” If you ask me, the music world could use more artists with this kind of aura.

Born Annie DeFatta, the songwriter embodies everything she is in her new and previous works despite being fairly new to the scene. Her songs incorporate acoustic and steel guitars, drums, piano, and other elements that take them to the next level. This latest release involves a different manner unlike her previous singles, “Friends That Kiss” and “Santa Barbara” that have more of a loose and moderate tempo.

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Boots stomp and beats drop from the beginning to the end of the slow-burner that is “Rosie, Rosie.” With her unique writing style and folk-psych sounds, the music allows for vivid imagery and precise visuals. Annie says, “I wrote this song about a night in New York when I found myself at a bar with the boy I was seeing… and his ex lover.” Juicy…

With this in mind, Annie creates a feeling of empowerment and confidence in a situation where most people would be jealous, and doesn’t hold back. With lyrics like, “Two can play this game, let’s see whose hand he takes and whose heart he breaks…I’m winning anyway.” Throughout her singles, it’s clear Annie’s inspirations stem from the Laurel Canyon music scene of the 1960’s. Her music gives you a nostalgic feel of that magical time and era.

Her love of music started as an impressonable teenager, as she joined bands and began writing songs any chance she got. The passion to make music never died, and Annie went on to school while working for an artist management company. From having years of experience working in the industry, she took an exhilarating leap of faith to be an artist. 

It’s often said “no risk, no reward,” and that is precisely what Annie of the Canyon and artists like her represents. She says, “Putting music out into the world seemed daunting, but in my heart of hearts, I knew it was what was always supposed to happen.” 

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