Lone Star Soul: A Look At Country Rock Songwriter Jade Marie Patek & Her Newest Single ‘Dancing With The Devil’

Texas-native country singer Jade Marie Patek kicks some serious ass with her newest single “Dancing with the Devil.” 

Released November 20th, the track comes at you with a vengeance, spawning elements of classic rock and soulful blues. The rough and wild grunt of an electric guitar teams up with penetrating drums, and a droning bass, all while Patek commands your undivided attention with her unfaltering bite adorned with a dynamic range.

Set to a low and swampy beat, the song leads you through the stories of three individuals, including Patek herself, making a point that many of us are prone to forget – as long as we stay immoral, regardless of the purity of our intentions we convince ourselves to have, we shouldn’t be surprised when life rejects us of peace. Whether we waste away our days drinking, disgrace someone who loves us, or allow money to hold a higher priority over people, the consequences of leading a dishonorable life are all the same – and they aren’t great. In other words… “You can’t keep dancing with the devil and wonder why you’re still in hell”. 

Patek began her musical journey rather early in her life, finding the inspiration from her grandfather and polka legend Joe Patek. While growing up, her and her sisters would sit with their grandfather and sing old polka songs.

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Now creating songs fueled by life experiences, life lessons and a whole lot of heart, Patek finds herself drawn to the likes of Janis Joplin, Alanis Morissette, Stevie Nicks, and Tracy Chapman. And what do all these legends have in common? Well, they’re all powerful women with powerful voices, having a lot to say without the fear of saying it. Sounds a lot like Patek. Go figure. 

Patek calls her genre of music “marble rye bread” to represent the diversity of her sound that’s infused with hints of rock, country, blues, funk, and soul. Even so, “Dancing with the Devil” brings a new edge to her discography that’s also relatively fresh to the Texas music scene.

Before that, Patek’s last release was back in 2019 with her three singles, which included covers of “Soulshine”, “She Wears a Smile” and “Me and Bobby McGee” that took on a more laid-back, gently spirited vibe. Going further back, we got her 2018 7-track EP Fly Bird that expressed a vast spectrum of sound, which gracefully set the foundation for Patek’s stable and well-versed career. 

Right now, Patek is currently working on more music that’ll hopefully be released sooner rather than later. But while we wait, we can depend on “Dancing with the Devil” to give us all the unapologetic boldness we need as we take the new year head on. 

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