London Singer, Producer, & Composer Esbe Delivers Ethereal & Atmospheric Cover Of Iconic Beatles’ Tune ‘Yesterday’

If you’re a top critic and/or historian of The Beatles, you would quite likely include “Yesterday,” as one of their most profound and resonating hit songs- a song a scholar may place in their ‘Beatles Top Five’. This iconic Paul McCartney ballad is one of the most recorded songs of all time- and you can chalk up yet another to dare tackle the monumental track. Now, London singer, composer, and producer Esbe is on the cusp of releasing her version to the world.

The London-based singer, producer, and composer has re-imagined the song, and offers her own ethereal and celestial touch. It will be released tomorrow, July 2nd.

With five albums released within the last four years, she has had the privilege to capture her music just the way she wants as an independent artist, making her music that much more authentic. Given the freedom to record whatever she wants, her music displays a broad and diverse range of many different influences. With a background in classical guitar and contemporary music, Esbe finds a way to blend those styles into this eclectic pop vibe that is most pleasing to the ears. 

Throughout the song, the instrumentation creates an atmospheric veil with Esbe’s vocals shining through. She nearly doubles the time length of the original song, and creates a free-falling, dream-like soundscape.

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Having a background in classical music, Esbe incorporates it into the single, but subtly. As a challenge by her former music students, she recorded covers of her favorite pop songs during the pandemic to put into practice and experiment with the genre. She says that, “pop music shouldn’t be pigeon-holed by either instrumentation or harmonic construction,” and hopes that her classic pop tracks can reach a new audience. 

You might be thinking, “How could someone uniquely redefine such a classic piece of music?” Well, Esbe gives it her all without question, and it’s far more than just a karaoke cover.

The sentiment in the original track was written about losing the one you love to mistakes, and sometimes they’re mistakes that time can’t fix. McCartney had the tune come so easily to him, that for months he was worried it was plagiarized, and it was allegedly finished in one sitting. As easy as Esbe’s single is to the ear, you would think it came that simple to her too. 

The overall feel of most of her other songs are about life’s hardships, and emotional themes that resonate with others as well as herself. Finding a process in your own written songs is hard enough, but re-working a fully produced single is an entirely different ballgame that she captures well. Listening to her own aesthetic gives you introspection into her world, process, and creativity that you can’t help but be inspired by. 

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