Up and Coming Pennsylvania Lo Fi R&B Artist Kid Travis Releases Newest Single ‘I Want My Hoodie Back’

Not everyone can say they’ve recorded a true banger in their bedroom– unless maybe you’re Bruce Springsteen, Beck, Billie Eilish– or in this case– alternative artist Kid Travis. With his latest single, “I Want My Hoodie Back,” he has done just that. Featured on his 2020 EP, Strawberry Skies, it fits as a puzzle piece in a collection of songs exploring the complexities brought on by the ups and downs that happen in relationships.

On top of the chilled out vibes brought on by steady drums and acoustic guitar, Travis’ velvety voice echoes, “How you gonna do me like that?” In this case, Travis is referring to an old flame he just can’t seem to break free of– and hopes that someday, he’ll be able to completely forget she even existed. All in all, “I Want My Hoodie Back” is the song to put on when you’re in your feelings– for when you’re heartbroken and can’t figure out where things went wrong. 

With origins all over Pennsylvania, Kid Travis has had plenty of accessibility to the arts. Surrounded by music, he has been influenced by all aspects of life– his ability to pull inspiration and uniqueness from a variety of different facets of everyday life has impacted his creative process for the better.

Now, with a whopping 40 thousand followers on Instagram and over 400,000 streams on Spotify, Kid Travis has created not only a following, but a livelihood out of something he is fueled by.

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We had the chance to ask him a few questions about his music, his thoughts on the BLM movement, his dream show, and much more.

So who or what got you into writing and recording music?

Ever since I was young, I loved listening to and singing along with TV theme songs. Many years later I thought about how awesome it would be to create my own music.

I see you’re from Bristol, PA. Are you still based in the Bristol area or have you moved to a bigger music market city?

I no longer live in Bristol, however, that’s where I was born and where I figured out that I wanted to make music.

What’s the music and arts scene like in that area?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve seen and heard many talented vocalists and instrumentalists in a number of various styles from the area.

What is your songwriting process like? Is it more regimented and structured, or more loose and sporadic?

My songwriting process is extremely random. Sometimes I start with the beat and sometimes I start with the melody.

So it was your song, “I Want My Hoodie Back” that caught our ear. Can you talk about the influence and inspiration behind this track?

For this song, I wanted to dig deep into an actual situation that I experienced many years ago. It’s kind of hilarious because I still have not received that hoodie back and I’m pretty sure I’ll never get it back.

Can fans expect to see it on an upcoming EP or LP?

Fans can always expect new music and new songs every month, however, I can’t quite speak on project specifics. Just know that something BIG is on its way!

Where do you do most of your recording?

All of my recordings have taken place in my bedroom, which is now specifically used as a studio.

Can you talk about your affiliation with #GROOVIEGANG and what they’re all about?

#GROOVIEGANG is a collective of talented artists in my area and it mainly includes my friends Just Shad, Eluzai, and many many more. I also use this name to refer to my fanbase and bring some notoriety to the name and collective.

So regarding the intense state of our country and the BLM movement rightfully sweeping the nation, as a rising public figure in today’s youth, how might you be using your platform to advocate for this movement? 

I’m very cautious about what I share, and I mostly want to investigate things to the fullest, but as far as spreading general awareness I’ll upload a lot to my story, and if it’s something that I feel people NEED to see, I’ll add it to my story multiple times to get people to actually stop and view it. Personally, I know there are things that I could and want to do, like engaging in protests, but at the same time, we’re still going through a worldwide pandemic. The last thing I want to do is put myself or any of my brothers and sisters in harm.

Are there any activist groups, whether it be in your area or more broadly, that you think people must know about and support for the sake of the cause?

As for activist groups, I know a few educational and experimental groups like @RECPHILLY and @GLBLVLLG (Global Village) who educate people on how they can do their part in electing the people they truly believe will help us. And of course BLM. I don’t mind donating to these kinds of groups. I would just take that extra measure to make sure my funds are truly helping and are not being misused.

Now as far as the pandemic goes, do you feel it has helped or hurt your creative process? (or perhaps neither)

The pandemic is extremely unfortunate, however, I did find some alone time with myself that I didn’t know or realize I needed. I really cannot wait to get out of the house though. Hahaha.

What does your dream show entail? (venue, city, perhaps opening for a select artist, etc.)

My dream show would entail being on stage and performing in a line up of some of my music heroes, such as Miguel, The Weekend, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Frank Ocean, The Gorillaz, Jon Bellion, Timbaland, or Busta Rhymes.

What can fans expect from Kid Travis in the latter half of the year?

Fans can expect a bunch of music no matter what. They can also expect that if the coronavirus lets up more music videos will definitely come out!

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