LA Indie Folk Songstress Destinie Lynn Touches On Self-Awareness & Denial In New Single ‘Never Again’

Inspired by the honesty and authenticity of blues, folk, and Americana music, L.A. singer-songwriter Destinie Lynn’s latest single, “Never Again”, is saturated with these influences. 

Lynn’s prior releases, being her debut single “Warm Sugar” and EP The Devil and the Deep Sea, have a sound that’s like a distant cousin to Ennio Morricone’s Spaghetti Western scores. Her rich, dark tonality, similar to Norah Jones, paints a picture of her refusal to wait on reciprocated love.

“This is a song about the people and things that we say ‘never again’ to, even when we know on some level that we’ll return to those very same people/things eventually,” Lynn says. “It’s about being somewhat self-aware, yet simultaneously in denial. I feel like it’s a pretty universal experience, we’ve all said never again to something and known it wouldn’t be the last time.”  

The song’s velvety and soulful vocals pair with her heartfelt lyrics to create a tune with a staple country sound. The fiddle within the instrumental tells a story of its own, interwoven with Lynn’s vocals. She affectionately refers to the traditional American roots sound as “porch music”, which is fitting for this song. Although it tells a sincere story, it is simultaneously tranquil and pleasant.

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Lynn was initially worried about this heavy country influence, though, according to an October 20th Instagram post. “Despite Black folks’ significant contribution to American roots music, I was worried that as a Black woman there wouldn’t be a place for mine, particularly the songs that were more heavily country influenced.” However, sporting a shirt stating that “Country music is for everyone”, Lynn realized that roots music knows no bounds. “Having more people out there spreading this message reminds me that there is a place for me and my music in the genre.”

…Which is entirely true. Genre does not have required parameters for creation or enjoyment. Lynn’s music, including “Never Again”, fully embodies the attitude and style of her particular genre. She’s good at what she does, simply put.

“Never Again” is available to stream now on all platforms, along with Lynn’s accompanying music video.

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