LA Alt-Rockers Grizfolk Drop Ever-Relevant Holiday Track ‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Rock Show’ Earlier This Month Featuring Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass

With the influx of 2020 holiday songs that came pouring in, both originals and covers alike, I felt it best to just showcase a select few. Even more than that, the pandemic-themed holiday songs were in full force.

Someone (or many someones) had to do it, but in our humble opinion, it proved to be a tricky task to properly approach it without coming off too obvious, tacky, or just flat. We’re already beyond exhausted by the very words and phrases associated with what’s going on, so when we want to listen to music to escape, the last thing we want to do is be reminded about the current hellscape we’re living in via song.

One that caught our ear and resonated in a uniquely relatable way was indie alt-rock band Grizfolk, and their early December single, “All I Want For Christmas is a Rock Show.” This fun sing-along novelty song by this Swedish-American quartet exudes a common yearning for a familiar and delightful event we all once took for granted- a rock show. Hell, any uninhibited live show would be a treasure these days.  

Making a cameo appearance on the track is none other than half of Tenacious D- that’s right. Kyle Gass himself makes an appearance on the track. The driving guitar leads the charge along with lead singer Adam Roth’s catchy, singable lyrics fit for all ages and attention spans.

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“All I want for Christmas is a rock show/Take my money, take my soul/Take every little thing I own/All I want for Christmas is a rock show.”

This two minute and forty-two second track hits like a shot of spiked Eggnog, and leaves you longing for the days you could spill said spiked Eggnog while letting loose in the pit of a rock show. (or a PBR or whatever)

Is that too much to ask? These days it is- but someday hopefully soon, (like please sometime in 2021) we will all gather and groove in harmony once again. Either way, Grizfolk nails a sentiment many of us can agree on with this timely number.

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