LA Country Pop Singer-Songwriter Tara Kelly Releases Fierce New Single ‘The River’

An Americana and pop singer-songwriter with California roots, Tara Kelly is bringing a refreshing sound to the world of country pop music.

Influenced by the likes of Gram Parsons, Kacey Musgraves, and Linda Rondstat, the California Cosmic Country of the 1960’s is making its way into her music. 

Releasing her first single in 2020, the calm and breezy disposition of “Ghost Town” gives space to breathe, while the acoustics peacefully march along. Written with Devin Kennedy and Dan Burke, Kelly explained to Lefuturewave that she wrote “Ghost Town” to signify the end of a relationship for her.

She went on to explain, saying, “Even though the houses and buildings in our hearts were still standing, they were empty and dilapidated- painful reminders of what we once had. And all that was left was a ghost town”. The second verse leads into the chorus with, “The hour glass shattered, and ran out of sand/And if you’re gonna come back baby, all you’ll find is a ghost town”. Falling out of love can create an emptiness, and you can find yourself with nothing left to give. 

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Coming back with a fierce yet doleful song in early 2021,  “The River”, is a bold and eerie take on heartbreak.

The melody is a mix of confidence and vulnerability of being deceived, and Kelly’s mesmerizing and smooth vocals lead to a sense of mystery. “The darkness makes it harder, head above the water/Gettin’ cold, want you to take me farther”, are the penned lyrics that open up the song.

The chorus then reels you in with, “How could I know, when white water rushes in/Laid me down, let me drown/Your storm had its way with me, but I can’t ignore the thunder/Laid me down, let me drown in the river”. The collaboration of word-painting with Stefan PVDS and Alex Wilke creates clear imagery of the pain and struggle of being left in the wide-open water and trying to catch a breath. The pairing music video should be out March 5th, and an acoustic video performance of the song is out now

Kelly is gearing up for more music and a tour that starts in March through August. Performing from places like Alabama to Japan, she will be making her way through a handful of different states and countries. With the live music scene picking back up, her deeply meaningful tunes will be making the rounds with her.

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