King Khan & The Shrines Supply Sizzling Soundtrack For Eye-Opening Historical Documentary ‘The Invaders’

Electrifying rockers King Khan and his 8-piece accompaniment, The Shrines, have recently dropped their new fist-pumping single, “Children of the World.” The track is featured on the new documentary called The Invaders, a project that Khan himself has been a part of for the past ten years.

The documentary featuring the new single, which was produced by Nas, Yo Gotti, and Craig Brewer, revolves around the rise and fall of a radical Civil Rights group in Memphis in the 1960s. The film was inspired by militant Black leaders such as Malcolm X and Stokely Carmichael, and uncovers the history and significance of overlooked Civil Rights activists during the time period.

These overlooked activists, known as “The Invaders”, were an intellectual street troupe of organizers who devoted themselves to confronting White supremacy, and naturally experienced extraordinary harassment, violence, and imprisonment during their fight for justice.

Khan was approached to create the soundtrack and score for the epic new film, which is how his fiery new track, “Children of the World”, came to life. The song is full of frenetic garage rock energy, depicting the activists highlighted in the film, calling “The Invaders” children of the world, and describes their work towards liberation, singing “we jump / we jive / we harmonize.” 

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On the film, Khan stated, “To see ‘The Invaders’ finally be released with the beautiful narration by Nas, we can finally set the record straight and recognize the Invaders as the true folk heroes of Black power that they truly are. We also get a glimpse into how they organized essential aid to the poor, and their very important involvement in Dr. King’s Poor People’s Campaign.” 

King Khan, known as the founder of the “greatest cult phenomenon since the parting of the Milky Way,” assembled his band The Shrines back in 1999. A year after their formation, the group released their first album, Spread Your Love Like Peanut Butter, and have continued releasing new music for over two decades, truly garnering a cult status among the more underground scene.

Khan and the band are known for their intoxicating and energetic stage performances that electrify crowds with fiery dancing, wild costumes, and the use of a wide variety of instrumentation. 

For the past twenty years, Khan and his group has continued to release lively and inspiring new music that speaks on topics of social justice and equity, and this new release is no different.

The Invaders is currently streaming on Amazon.

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