Joe McLeod Brings Air Of Refreshment On Melodic New Indie Pop Rock Banger ‘What A Pity’

What does it take to stand out in the realm of modern music where artists strive to make a lasting impact on listeners? Well, having an infectious melody and catchy lyrics is always a good start.

Joe McLeod has entered the chat.

The Canadian indie pop-rocker emerges as a refreshing voice in the ever-expanding scene, and does so with his latest single, “What a Pity,” which dropped July 6th.

The track combines a tactful blend of soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics, transporting the listeners on an emotive journey that captivates the senses and leaves an impact on the heart. He does this through singing about his regrets after the girl he loves moves to a different city. 

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Within the first notes, the listeners are hooked to the rich, bubbling layers of instruments gradually weaving together with McLeod’s velvety vocals taking center stage. He sings, “It’s such a shame / Nobody to blame / What a pity,” as the frustrated acceptance becomes evident in his vocals. He wishes he and his partner had more time and money to spend together, yet he accepts fate, as it is what it is.

“What A Pity”

Born in the small town of Keswick, Ontario, McLeod spent his formative years building a following in Kingston, Ontario, before eventually finding his footing in Toronto to pursue his musical aspirations. Swiftly amassing an impressive discography, that would translate into a solid regionally expanding following.

McLeod is a skilled storyteller and versatile musician, breathing life into his narratives with a vibrant touch. Through his evocative vocals, he delves into themes ranging from the intricacies of love and the pangs of loss, to the natural wonders of his homeland in Canada. 

“What A Pity” is the latest example of the artist inviting the listeners to reminisce about their own experiences, and the range of emotions in his voice evokes a sense of nostalgia and longing. The track beautifully reaches its climactic moments, with the melodies soaring as it adds layers of depth and nuance to the overall sonic experience.

The Dancer And The Bear, McLeod’s upcoming album, is set to be released October 13th via We Are Busy Bodies. It stands as the emerging songsmith’s latest venture, an exploration that courageously embraces vulnerability and a newfound level of honesty within himself.

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