Jenny 0. Offers Enchanting Ode To Mother Nature On New Video Single ‘The Natural World’

In an act of reunification with the wonders of the outside world, California-based indie folk-pop songwriter Jenny O. reminds us that when it all else goes to shit, Mother Nature is always there in its infinite glory on her latest video single, “The Natural World.” 

The artist known as Jenny O. originally hails from New York, but has since shipped west making a musical home for herself in Los Angeles. She has released three full-length albums alongside two EPs since her debut in 2010.

Her music weaves the past, present, and future into a dramatic display of musical prowess paired with her life’s wisdom. The songstress sees music as a spiritual process, and looks to utilize her whimsical rhythms and delicate melodies to invoke deep feelings in her listeners. 

In this enchanted tune, Jenny O. sings of her fascination and inspiration from the beauty of earth around her that’s often taken for granted. The song features an ethereal rhythmic section that underlays layers of the singer’s captivating harmonies.

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Her synth-led musical style combined with natural percussive sounds makes for an immersive experience as she sings about breaking free of conventionality and reconnecting with oneself and the earth beneath your feet. She sings, “I believe in love and curiosity / I am fascinated with the natural world,” weaving inherent human emotions and feelings with that of the world around us.

“‘The Natural World’ is a declaration of wonder and reverence for the living Earth,” Jenny shares. “As we phase out fossil fuels, the way through the climate crisis is by the regeneration of this planet’s incredible natural systems. This is a song for alignment with life on Earth (including one another). The future requires us to consider everything and everyone; love and curiosity are key.”

Set in the Red Wood Forest of California and the California coast, the video features postcard-like scenery of the national park paired with the songstress’s ethereal physical connection with her surroundings. As she dances her way through the scenic West Coast wonders, the song lulls and hypnotizes with its tranquility.  

This latest single follows the release of “Prism,” a track about love and its barriers that precedes the release of her next album, which will be out in early 2023.

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