Jax Hollow Releases All Inhibitions On New Video Single ‘Wallflower Girl In Bloom’

Spunky songstress and guitarist Jax Hollow is putting her own spin on the world of Americana-infused pop-rock music. 

A graduated guitar guru fresh out of Berklee College of Music, it wasn’t long before singer-songwriter Jess LaCoy transformed into Jax Hollow. Her career got a jumpstart after posting several unedited videos on YouTube of her performing, as a part of her quest to show her authentic self through her music. 

The one-time Lightning 100 “Artist of the Week” and Nashville native would go on to put out her debut EP, Underdog Anthems in 2021, which was produced by Michael Wagener (Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica). The album displays the full power of her vagabond, soul-searching and heart-piercing anthems she’s developed a reputation for.

Hollow’s newly released single, “Wallflower Girl In Bloom,” wastes no time with a frenetic acoustic guitar riff and Hollow’s primal vocal howl.

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Soft, tender vocals and driving acoustic guitar reach from beyond the realm of her typical rock-oriented sound to deliver a song that is just as delightfully powerful.

Jax Hollow

With passion emanating from her very being, Hollow delivers effortless guitar playing along with her stirring lyrics. Grooving to the rhythm of her guitar, she sings, “It’s time to tear down their notions and paint up something new.” 

The accompanying music video is stylistically beautiful and simple: wild and fearless, Hollow stands alone, flanked by cacti and stunning Arizona landscape. Behind her, the slowly fading sun shines through in a striking Western sunset, adding another layer of Americana flare.

“Wallflower Girl in Bloom” is only a taste of what’s to come for Hollow, as on May 5th she will drop her full-length album, Only The Wild Ones. About the creative process for this project, she says, “There’s radical freedom when you’re trying to make it as an independent artist… there were so many highs and lows to dive into artistically.” 

“Wallflower Girl in Bloom” was recorded at Sound Emporium and Sienna Studios in Nashville, and hit streaming services March 9th.

With her rousing lyrics, guitar expertise, and energetic personality, Jax Hollow may just be yet another ascending Nashville star.

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