Jarrod Dickenson Returns On Swampy New Video Single ‘Long Hard Look’, Announces Upcoming Album

As part of his defiant musical era, Jarrod Dickenson has called out to his audience for a much-overdue moment of self-reflection in his latest video single, “Long Hard Look.” The brooding new track is the lead single for his upcoming album – Big Talk  – which is set to drop February 3rd.

“Long Hard Look” swings and sways with a swamp-driven groove as Dickenson encourages his listeners to reflect on themselves and how they act toward others. Regarding the theme of the song Dickenson says, “We live in an age where it seems our first instinct is to succumb to our darker nature. We’re quick to make snap judgments about people and to attack anyone who thinks or acts differently than we do.” The track features a rich twangy guitar lead, and the songwriter’s signature soulful vocals as he tells his introspective tale. 

The gritty Americana rock-and-roller has earned a reputation for his bluesy, crooning style and frank attitude in his songs, warbling away his frustrations. We caught up with Dickenson in 2020 to discuss his then-new album, Ready the Horses, in which we also got to know a little bit more about his growing roots in Nashville, and plans for making it to the other side of the pandemic. Well, here we are.

Since then, Dickenson has had his fair share of disappointments, including blunders with major record labels and COVID-19 leaving the music industry floundering. However, the Texas-bred songsmith has come out on top of the struggle full-steam ahead with a stronger desire to pick up his guitar and spread his messages through song, “Long Hard Look” being the latest example.

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In his touring past, the uncompromising songwriter has taken the stage solo for exhaustingly long tours, as well as shared the spotlight opening for greats like Bonnie Raitt and Don McLean at venues all over the globe. 

Be sure to keep an eye out for more singles to come in the lead up to the Americana rocker’s upcoming winter 2023 album.

Featured photo by Patrick Glennon

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