Japanese Surf-Psych Rockers TEKE::TEKE Release Untamed New Single ‘Yoru Ni’

TEKE::TEKE has unleashed their wildly eclectic single, “Yoru Ni,” that expands far-out from the status-quo. 

Based out of Montreal, the band labels itself a psych-rock group, acquiring a “sound reminiscent of 1960’s and 70’s era psychedelic Japanese soundtracks with a frenetic modern twist.” Composed of guitarists Serge Nakauchi Pelletier & Hidetaka Yoneyama, bass player Mishka Stein, drummer Ian Lettre, flutist Yuki Isami, trombone player Etienne Lebel, and performance artist and vocalist Maya Kuroki (damn that’s a mouth full), the whopping seven-piece group transports you through avant-garde theater aesthetics and colorful, campy collages flush with organic textures. 

TEKE::TEKE initially formed around the idea of playing a one-time tribute performance for Japanese surf guitar icon Takeshi Terauchi at a 2018 local music festival. What was at first just a far-fetched combination of talents and styles, quickly transformed into an extraordinary musical chemistry that was impossible to overlook. Soon enough, the band united in an innovative collaboration, writing and recording with a neoteric sound that harnessed tremendous connection and heart.

“Yoru Ni” is the third single off the band’s upcoming debut album, Shirushi. Written in the dead of the night – hence its translation “At Night” – guitarist Nakauchi-Pelletier explained how he woke with a divinely placed melody parading around his mind, eventually allowing the idea to boil over into a song. 

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Fluctuating between French and Japanese lyricism, a fast and predatory rhythm section joined by a surf rock guitar pulsation propels this track forward, while a flute flutters to a cherry blossom dance and brass horns surge in an impelling uproar. The song comes with a music video showcasing the band members drifting about a house’s corridors in a ghostly disposition underneath a haunting red glow. It’s a mind-bending array of spooky punk exuberance, laminated in acidic flamboyance and prismatic allure. 

Shirushi will launch May 7th, so for now, enjoy this new wave tune along with their previously released singles “Kala Kala” and “Meikyu”. 

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