Jake Potter Delivers Catchy Red Dirt Country Banger In ‘Virginia Is For Losers’

Red dirt country songwriter Jake Potter builds his brand on lyrics that blend self-reflection, humor, and heartbreak, and is best served in a rocks glass.

His new song, “Virginia is For Losers,” exemplifies this, and is the latest single from his debut EP, Apparitions. Apparitions officially dropped everywhere yesterday, October 7th.

Potter is bred from a military town on the coast of North Carolina, and these elements of his background have continued to inspire the music he writes. His new album, Apparitions, was produced in Durham by Clay Conner, who also played guitar on the project. When talking about the recording, Potter shares that he nicknamed the studio “Chicken Coop Studio A,” adding that Conner had just gotten baby chickens, all named after the Kardashians. It doesn’t get more country than that. (maybe minus the names)

“Virginia is For Losers” has a title some might recognize as a play on words of the state’s motto, “Virginia is for Lovers.” Potter twists this to tell his story of heartbreak, with lyrics like “The places you’ll go / The people you’ll cheat / Virginia’s for losers / Losers like me.”

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Potter’s lyrics are purposeful in this song, sharing emotions about an old flame. He uses unique metaphors, comparing his old love as “Firecrackers on a string made of twine,” to then asking, “How’d the rope get so frayed?” Throughout the song, Potter sings about his love interest heading back to D.C. while he makes his way back to his beloved North Carolina, thus going their own ways. His red dirt country stylings and instrumentation give it a catchy, sticky quality, and it’s one that county fans far and wide can get behind.

“Virginia is For Losers” – along with the other tracks on Potter’s new EP Apparitions – are solid additions to any alt-country playlists you’ve got.

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