Interstellar Introspective: Tacoma Psych Rockers Strangely Alright Release New Single ‘Maybe If’

Strangely Alright are sonic time-travelers. They paint paisley patterned pictures that shimmer with the 60’s mercurial blend of darkness and innocence, they mesh psychedelia and pop melodies together, they run rock muscle through the most danceable of tunes, and they are the perfect blend of past and present.”

With a mysterious and alluring introductory bio like that, it’s hard not to be swept with intrigue.

Harnessing a strong establishment and fan base in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, this quintet of psych rockers just dropped their latest single as of this publication, “Maybe If.” And as I sit here and listen to it, I’ll be damned if it doesn’t offer a tickle of Abbey Road vibes to it, namely “Because” or “Sun King,” as it emanates darker harmonies and semi-spooky tones. And as I further steep myself in the song, I get more and more Dark Side of the Moon-meets-David Bowie “Space Oddity” feels, especially when the piano hits and verses emerge.

I can close my eyes and envision a rocket ship making its maiden voyage, maybe somewhere around Jupiter, Florida, shooting flames from the base, and erupting off into the deep, dark, and infinite unknown with a crew of eager astronauts. It’s equal parts trippy, beautiful, and hypnotizing. The vocals very much so reflect something that might come from a Roger Waters or David Gilmour.

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“Feeling like an alien/Who fell and landed here/Maybe if I face my pride/The answers will be clear/Maybe if I ride a cloud into the sun/My darkness disappears.”

The song proceeds to carry you on a cosmic journey, dodging meteors and weaving through interstellar avenues, and really scratches that psychedelic itch, whether you have one or not.

Strangely Alright is led by frontman Regan Lane, Sean Van Dommelen on guitar and lead vocals, Ken Schaff on bass, Raymond Hayden on keys, and Jason Bair on drums. The band was added to Sub Pop’s Best of The Northwest playlist on Spotify, and have been guests on local radio shows with the likes of StarDog and T2 on KGRG 89.9 FM’s Puget Sound showcasing new tunes from their album Stuff, along with playing acoustic numbers live in their studio. They were also invited in to perform new tunes on The Spud Goodman Show. Live shows include opening for the almighty Styx at the D&R Theater, appearances at the prestigious Art On The Ave, The Western Washington State Fair, and Click 98.9 FM’s HOMEGROWN.

Lane has had placement and airplay of his heartfelt pop and rock songs on numerous TV shows throughout the U.S., including A&E’s Biography, NBC Sports, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, and more. His exuberant pop song “U Won’t Believe” was heard on NBC’s Race Across America and was also the theme song for Puget Sounds TV, a Northwest TV show featuring local and national indie artists.

Addiction recovery is a common theme with Lane and others within the band who are quite open about it, and they champion the power of positivity and pushing through such adversities. They are inspirational purveyors of mental well-being and overcoming the throes of such detrimental behavior.

Keep these guys on your radar if you’re fans of the psych rock legends of yore, as Strangely Alright are part of a select few carrying the cosmic torch throughout 2020.

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