Indie Soul Pop Songwriter Matthew Pinder Releases New EP ‘Seated In The Sun’

Bahamian singer-songwriter Matthew Pinder has been on the scene since 2018, and gained recognition for his 2019 album, Give Me Some Time, which included the acclaimed single, “Golden Hour.” After taking a mental health break shortly after his 2019 album’s release, Pinder is back, having released a steady stream of singles in the indie-pop vein over the course of this year.

On November 5th, Pinder released his long awaited debut EP, Seated in the Sun.

This EP is a sun-kissed daydream combining elements of pop and indie-folk to explore surreal emotional highs and lows. Pinder’s ethereal vocals are complemented by soft guitar strumming and a pleasant variety of underlaid drumming throughout this project.

The first track from this EP, “Used to Say” is a meditative journey that explores the idea of change. A track that is just as notable for Pinder’s voice and lyrics as it is for the phenomenal production in creating a speculative soundscape. 

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The second song on this project, “Cascade” is an introspective examination of past relationships and time wasted, as highlighted by the chorus “And it goes all my time / Give it back and let it go / And it goes all my life / I’m hoping that I make it home.” The slightly melancholy lyrics are matched with a musical vibrancy that rises, and crashes over the listener, just like a cascading wave.

Sara Davis Regan features on the third track, “Plans” locking into a mellow harmonization with Pinder on what is essentially an alternate version of Pinder’s 2020 single, “Do You Have Plans?” This newer version of the song simultaneously feels brighter and deeper than the 2020 release, with slightly punchier instrumentation. 

“Stars,” the final song from this EP, is both calming and engaging. Feeling like a classic folk-guitar induced trance, this song dwells on lots of similar themes as the rest of the EP, which culminates in Pinder stating that, “All I wanted is all I ever had.” This was a great song to end on from an emotional standpoint.

Seated in the Sun is a welcome return to the scene for Matthew Pinder. As he continues to establish himself as a force in the pop-splashed indie-folk world, we hope to see more like this.

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