Indie Psych-Folk Songwriter & Lifehouse Guitarist Steve Stout Releases Debut Solo Album ‘Dairy Made’

Not many artists can boast several active and accomplished music projects, but Steve Stout is one of the lucky few.

Stout joined forces with iconic pop-rock band Lifehouse (“Hanging By A Moment, “You and Me”) in 2015, and started the group ØZWALD with Lifehouse lead vocalist Jason Wade in 2019.

Lifehouse has been a staple on the scene since the beginning of the century, though Stout didn’t join the group until their later years. He was first featured on their 2015 record, Out of the Wasteland.

ØZWALD came to fruition in 2019, with the members being only Stout and Wade. For them, ØZWALD is their side passion project, where they can sing and create in an atmosphere with “no rules.” The duo has released a whopping five full-length projects over the last three years. 

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Along with his work with the two groups, Stout recently released his debut solo album, Dairy Made.

Released via Allswell Records, the 10-track opus covers a multitude of sounds and emotions in a way only authentic music can. With his rock and indie backgrounds, Stout has created an album with lush and atmospheric instrumentals, paired with vocals and lyrics that would fit perfectly into an indie basement show. (The Basement?)

The final song on the record, “Darker Days,” is a hauntingly delightful tune to go out on, and one that caught our attention. The track offers a soft, slightly twangy and dissonant acoustic guitar throughout, and vocals that float like a dream above the instrumentation. Stout sings of the willingness to follow someone into the “darker days.” While it feels like a more somber, melancholy tune, it simultaneously offers a sense of beauty and calm.

Dairy Made is a notable first record for Stout, and he and the rest of his projects will remain on our radar.

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