Indie Pop Rockers Rightfield Release New Summer-Soaked Album ‘Rightfield, One (Deluxe)’

Sometimes, all it takes are quality jam sessions to realize you’ve got something to keep your spirits up.

That is what indie pop-rock band Rightfield expresses in their newest album, Rightfield, One (Deluxe), which released May 7th. Clocking in at 10 songs strong, the album carries a dignified and whimsical sound, perfect for a scenic road trip- and just in time for summer. The deluxe version of this buzzy album includes two additional songs, as well as its smooth-sailing starting track, “Birthday Party.”

The highlighted track’s trance-inducing tempo follows with a bittersweet, swayful perception in its melody. The song corresponds with the theme of running into an ex-partner or a former friend at a birthday party after years of not seeing each other. The track is infectious enough for listeners to not immerse in the past. It relates to a similar situation, feeling connected to others who possibly miss their exes/former friends or missing out in a familiar position.

The album goes through different components; songs like “Way Too Long” and “Love Song” are more delicate and free-flowing while balancing out with the fast-paced, rush hour tracks like “Parents” and their latest single, “Racing.” Another single off the album, “Gone!,” catches the ear of listeners with mesmerizing guitar riffs and a flighty atmosphere, pairing well with resounding vocals in a universe filled with yearning.

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The deluxe version of Rightfield, One includes a piano version of “Love Story.” This version of the song completes the album in its entirety. The track holds on to its elegant euphony, however, the band strips down the track into a more raw and genuine lullaby fading into a lovely ending to a closing chapter. 

Making the album couldn’t come at a better time for Arkansas-based duo, Reed Hoelscher and Jack Blocker. While finishing their undergraduate online from the University of Arkansas due to the pandemic, the band made time to construct a sound with easy-going bangers mixed with personal and valiant lyrics. After parting ways in middle school with Hoelscher leaving for another Texas high school, the duo would reunite and never look back.

After getting back in the saddle in college, the two would get together and turn jam sessions into concrete songs, realizing they may just have something people might like. From performing weekly as a hip hop duo, to becoming a soft rock college band, Rightfield would steer in a new direction yet again, this time towards a more fitting indie pop sound.

The band’s experimentation and fusion of genres meld together to form an album that experiences an expansive continuum of sound, and has all the potential to be featured as a summer soundtrack.

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