Indie Pop Rock Songwriter Alysia Kraft Turns Near-Death Experience Into New Single ‘Little River’

Indie pop-rock songwriter Alysia Kraft brings hope and transformation stemming from a traumatic incident in her brand-new single “Little River”, which was introduced to the world on April 15th.

“Little River” is the product of a near-death experience Kraft had two years ago, in which she nearly drowned in a little river on her parents’ ranch- hence the name of the single. About the experience, Kraft explains, “I got trapped beneath a debris pile for what felt like forever and then pushed beneath it by the current right as I was about to lose consciousness.” 

After working through her PTSD, her therapist told her, “You can choose what you want to leave in that river now.” Kraft adds, “That was the catalyst to start leaving behind what no longer served me, and to let myself be fluid and changing and changed by experiences, instead of holding so tightly to what is known and what has been.”

Kraft produces this encouraging sentiment not only lyrically, but sonically as well. At first, the track is slow-moving and almost nostalgic-sounding until the inevitable crash of the drums hits the chorus like a powerful call to action. This is also displayed visually in her music video, which she shot in collaboration with the 53:14 Music Experiment, a unique initiative which pairs local musicians with filmmakers to create a music video in 53 hours and 14 minutes.

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Having grown up queer on a saddle ranch in small-town Wyoming, Kraft has chosen to love and make art in settings that have not always loved her in return. Through life’s trials and tribulations, she persisted, having amassed devoted regional followings for projects Whippoorwill and The Patti Fiasco as a talented songwriter and magnetic frontwoman. She has directly supported icons like Bon Jovi, Blondie, Nathanial Rateliff and Bonnie Raitt among others. She offers a multi-faceted indie pop sound, with a bioluminescent folk flair that will find crossover appeal with fans of HAIM, Sheryl Crow, Sharon Van Etten, and Waxahatchee.

“Little River” is living proof of turning something terrifying into something hopeful, vibrant, and beautiful. It is a metaphor of moving on from things that drag us down and hold us hostage. Alysia Kraft creates a message of hope and change for us all.

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