Indie Dream Pop Rockers Stray Fossa Release Breezy New Single ‘Diving Line’

Flying high in the stratosphere of VHS lo-fi lucidity is a group known for their melodic layers of mind-numbing waves. 

Brothers Nick and Will Evans, and childhood friend Zach Blount first stabilized a strong companionship while growing up in the small town of Sewanee, Tennessee. After several years spent on their own musical endeavors following high school – studying in Berlin, producing in the UK, and playing in various bands while developing their style and identity – the trio reunited in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2018, self-producing songs in their attic-turned-studio as cosmic indie band Stray Fossa. Since then, they’ve toured extensively up and down the east coast and have opened for nationally and internationally touring acts, such as Bad Bad Hats, Dreamgirl and Ten Fé (UK). 

Oh, how nice of a reminder it is when the once needed expensive studio sessions and top-professional producers are no longer a requirement for crafting sonically inspiring pieces. 

And keeping up with their atypical route of artistic creation, Stray Fossa brews their own polychromatic concoction of reverb-charged guitars, crisp omnipresent drums, and mesmerizing vaporwave vocals all laden in a droopy daze of bedroom-pop ambience. 

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Set to release their first full-length record, With You For Ever, on April 9th, the band chose to drop one last single, the breezy “Diving Line” as a final teaser for what’s to come. The track follows the album’s cohesive theme of isolated uncertainty and existential reflections, felt all too well throughout the early, anxiety-induced months of 2020. It’s a smooth-sailing trip, drifting on an axis of phasing guitar effects and a dynamic bass-line that glides into an instrumental crescendo, dozing down into a sedated supernova. It’s as addictive as it seems, foolproof in its out-of-body culmination. 

Additional singles included on the upcoming album are “How Come?”, a captivating tune built around colorful flavors and mellow nature, and “Orange Days”, an uptempo spectral groove mixed with lyrical content based around the anxieties of tomorrow. 

Personal and real, this collaborative arrangement is a long awaited achievement. I’m eager to hear it in its entirety. 

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