Indie & Alternative Folk Songwriter Tommy Alexander Releases Introspective New Singles In ‘Light’ & ‘Drama’

I first came across indie and alternative folk songwriter Tommy Alexander last fall when we covered his single, “Whatever You Say,” off of his summertime album WAVES. It was then I became a fan.

Alexander is back, this time with his two-pack of singles in “Light” and “Drama,” which hit streaming services April 2nd.

With “Light,” he taps into a bit of a Leonard Cohen-like zone with his vocal delivery and poetic lyrics. Deep, articulate vocals guide the song with a slow and steady timbre that quickly resonates with the listener. The delightfully droning electric guitar is almost hypnotic in its sustained buzzing tone, and with the minimalist percussion and precisely timed splashing cymbal crashes, the song has a very trance-inducing quality to it.

With effortless conviction, Alexander slowly stretches out with, “Just like light/Fillin’ up a dark space/Just like light/We’re all over the place,” keeping the listener curious, and waiting on his next soulful line.

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“Drama” is a a bit on the shorter side as it falls just under two minutes, but it delivers, and sets the foundation for “Light.” It’s a great horse-in-the-saddle kind of folk song with some accentuating western electric guitar licks sprinkled in along with it’s slow prancing percussion. His baritone voice leads the charge per usual, and simply hits the mark on much of what’s enthralled our lives a bit more than usual this past year- yep. Drama.

It’s evident there’s ample depth to Alexander’s songwriting, and his delivery is unique and striking. It doesn’t take long to realize he’s cut from a select cloth; one that has a keen eye for perception, and successfully transmits facets of the human condition into an enjoyable and relatable song.

Over the past several years, Alexander has set his sights onto his independent booking agency Pilot Light Booking, which has accumulated an impressive roster of live acts, and helps guide artists through the tedious and difficult process, especially in the current climate. He is known as an industry lynchpin who rarely had his chance to to emerge into the spotlight, as he helps others in their musical endeavors.

And as his digital domain puts it, “In his enlarged, kind heart, though, Tommy Alexander is also a folk singer who deserves some shine.” And in hearing his songs, I would agree with that sentiment. Beyond that, his biography reflects a very philosophical and poetic approach to life as we as “humans” (wink wink) know it, and whatever the hell goes on in the things we call “brains”. Personally, I see this as a sign of someone whose songs are coming from a place of deep thought and feeling, along with some simultaneously dark and light humor weaved within.

Perhaps safe and effective cloning can be a reality soon, so Alexander can have enough time to continue producing moving music, and successfully guide other musicians along the righteous path.

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