In Review: Finnish Kantele Songstress Ida Elina Releases Spiritually Driven New Album ‘Capital Letters’

Pop Kantele diva and versatile artist Ida Elina has bared it all in her latest album, Capital Letters.

Elina is credited with revolutionizing the way Kantele-oriented music has reached the masses, and has stretched her artistry to it’s greatest display in her new awe-inducing project. 

In this faith-inspired record, the genre-bending singer-songwriter tackles some of the toughest of life’s moments including grief, loneliness, and the challenge of staying hopeful. Many of the tracks on the project feature Elina’s mystical Kantele playing, a traditional plucked string instrument that helps her feel close to her Finnish culture. Elina’s vulnerability and earnest personality shines through this project, as she combines her sonic brilliance with her emotional lyricism for a most moving project.

The title track of this record, “Capital Letters,” is also the opening track, full of upbeat lyrical inspiration and layers of intricate instrumentation and harmony. The tune is an avalanche of musical excellence with Elina’s clear cut and pitch perfect tone soaring above her delicate Kantele work with an intense and invigorating production style. The listener feels a rush of energy and hope with this tune, as thundering percussion and stimulating melodies drive this empowered track. 

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“Work it” is a groovy, complex track that incorporates pop production themes along with her traditional Kantele to create an entirely unique new sound. This song is a great example of Elina’s vocal versatility, as she incorporates a jazzy vocal technique with an urban pop instrumentation as she bounces energetically across the track with her intentional and rhythm-filled harmonies. 

As one of the slower and more faith-focused pieces on the record, “He is Here,” is a motivational tune for those looking for guidance and a reinvigoration of hope in their religion. Elina soothes the listener with her comforting words and gentle voice as she reminds her listeners the power of God in darker times. Her vocal power is on full display in this song as she demonstrates not only the power she has behind her voice, but the dynamics of her vocal range. 

Another standout track, “When I was 10,” is a nostalgic and raw piece about childhood loss and how she has since learned to cope since tragedy. The song is incredibly musically complex, involving her signature Kantele as well as a unique percussion and rhythm lead. These sounds underlay intricate layers of harmony during her emotional choruses about the immortal connection she will always feel to those she has lost. 

As Elina’s fifth studio album, Capital Letters is her result of the past 10 years of turmoil, uncertainty and growth. The songstress looks to echo her beliefs of love, faith, and hope to all those that listen.

For more of her inspirational work, look to her previous albums Game of My Life and Hello World, and keep up with her impressive global touring.

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