In Retrospect: Top 5 Nashville Pop Songs Of November

November was all about the women, at least as Nashville pop music goes, and rightfully so (shoutout to all the women that were just Grammy-nominated for best rock performance), and I’ve got five new songs released this month that are the perfect end-of-the-month stress-relievers. Full of good energy and good vibes, these are sure to add bountiful flavor to a bland day. So here we go… 

5. Fresh Lady – “Easily”

I previously reviewed this song a few weeks back and since then, it’s clung to my mind nonstop. Soaked in deliciously lustrous reverb synths and harmonious layers, Fresh Lady’s last song on her newly released 4-track EP Citrine perfectly showcases her impeccable lyrical delivery and aptitude for catchy anthems. The song puts a spotlight on that certain someone that you can’t help but fight for. Her voice, dripping out in angelic resonance, prompts her listeners to find power in themselves, challenging them to let go of their insecurities and find their glow. Electro-pop at its finest, this tune is a singalong in its flawless form. I said it once and I’ll say it again… A rainbow of infinite color next to a bright and warm sun. Fresh Lady is utterly captivating. 

4. Chey Rose – “Phases”

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Having just released her newest 7-track EP titled Even the Moon Goes Through Phases where each song represents a certain phase of her life through the past three years, Chey Rose’s last track “Phases” ties the collection of songs together in a special and meaningful way. The track harps on the acceptance and embracing of change, emphasizing the inevitability of growth during life’s lightest and darkest moments. And even though change has a way of exhausting us while also guiding us towards peace, all we have to remember is we aren’t alone. Everyone is on their own path, and it’s important to recognize the progress we make individually. Rose gracefully pulls off a feeling of letting go and relief, relating to you in a way that makes you feel validated and heard as she states, “Even the moon goes through phases/ Even the sun falls and raises/ Every flower blooms at different paces/ We’re all going through changes.”

3. Leah Marlene – “Highs + Lows”

As the third track off of Leah Marlene’s newest 8-track album The Space Between, “Highs + Lows” refers exactly to what the title implies. Pairing an addictive, groove-stricken beat with a rich voice that’s smoother than butter (think Billie Eilish mixed with Clairo) the song talks of the tendency to self-inflict your own destruction. “Vendetta of my own invention,” as Marlene poetically states, which is more relatable than some of us would care to admit. Ethereal harmonies and spacial synths create a greater sense of reverie than the lyrics suggest, a refreshing breakaway from the occasionally draining drone brought on by a woeful ballad. Sometimes the best we can do is ride the wave. If you’re forced to face your own demise, you might as well cruise along with it. 

2. Mary Reinman – “Finer Things”

As a current senior at Belmont University, Mary Reinman is known for her incredible voice, from its wide range (I’m talking whistle tones that rival Ariana Grande’s all the way down to the deep rogue of Sam Smith) to its effortless ability to croon any run no matter how complex. This is proven in her newest release, a playful, chilled-out vibe of a tune that boasts over the ‘finer things’ in life that money can buy. Price tag be damned, Reinman invites us to unapologetically indulge in a lavish life of luxury – starting with Louis Vuitton red bottoms and ending in Rolex watches – delivering a melody rich in spunk and poise, pampered in pleasure and radiating in confidence. We all deserve to treat ourselves from time to time don’t we? And if we can’t be rich yet, that doesn’t mean we can’t feel rich now. Rich in style. Rich in positivity. Rich in self-love. 

1. Emily Comfort – “Ground Me”

Relatively new to the music scene, Emily Comfort dropped two debut singles that are hypnotically resilient. One of those being “Ground Me,” a dreamscape whisper that has the same effect as if you were floating in space – there’s really no other way to define it. The track discusses the struggle of high expectations, wanting to hide away with the person you created in your head rather than be forced to face the reality of the person in front of you. But as easy as it is to map out our perfect guy in our dreams, it’s just as easy to fall into a dangerous cycle of disappointment for the real thing and Comfort, like most of us, is begrudgingly mindful of that. In spite of the message, this tune feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders, Comfort’s voice wistfully tugging on your heart strings – a breathless ache and sedated sigh all in one. One of those tracks that you can’t help but listen to over and over and over again.

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