In Retrospect: Top 5 Nashville Pop Releases of October

October brought about a lot of damn good new music far and wide.

But our very own veteran contributor Samantha Ribler who’s deep in the Nashville know let her voice be heard as to who she thinks has the best local pop songs of the month.

So without further adieu…

5. “Void” – Chitchat.

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To put it frankly, you listen to this song and the production blows you away– “Void” is a trip. With an intense buildup to a satisfying breakdown in the chorus, it’s hard not to put the song on repeat just to experience it again. With masterful lyrics and an undeniable uniqueness, “Void” feels like it could be the lovechild of the best Jon Bellion and Twenty One Pilots songs. You just haven’t heard something that sounds exactly like it.

4. “Safe” – FLYNT feat. Anastasía 

“Safe,” by FLYNT and Anastasía is everyone’s favorite “I’m better for you than her,” bop. The angelic vocals mixed with the song’s sassy lyrics make you root for the protagonist in this story without even thinking about it. Laced with zingers, “Safe” is the perfect addition to your moving on playlist.

3. “Stalker” – Emma Rae, Tyler LeVander

“Stalker,” the collaboration of Emma Rae and Tyler LeVander, is the perfect mix of sexy and spooky. This is a song that leaves you with goosebumps because of the intense implications that come from a chilling simplicity in both the lyrics and the music. The line: “I want your air in my lungs,” could mean anything…

2. “Villain” – Moody Joody

With intense layering synths and a little bit of a “evil-queen-from-Snow-White” vibe with the chorus’ main line: “I’m staring in the mirror at a villain.” “Villain” is whimsical and a little bit dark– but in the best way. It’s taking accountability for being your “own worst enemy,” but in a song you want to dance to. As only their second released single, “Villain” makes whatever’s to come from pop duo Moody Joody anxiously awaited.

1. “Spacesuit” – Leah Marlene

In “Spacesuit,” the newest single from singer/songwriter and Belmont University student Leah Marlene, you listen and you feel like you’re slowly transcending into space. With slight steady synths in the background mixed with what sounds like audio from an actual space expedition and constant metaphors weaved in the lyrics, “Spacesuit” is cleverly produced. This is my number one Nashville pop song of October.

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