In Retrospect: Top 5 March Releases By Indie & Alternative Rock Bands

I’m not going to go as far as pulling an Adam Levine (if you don’t know the reference, look it up), but it’s no secret that bands have become rather underappreciated in the past few years or so. It’s one single act followed by another running on a loop, and as much as I love it all, I think it’s time to give today’s bands a shoutout for what they bring to the table. 

For March, I’ve compiled my Top 5 songs that equal that of an astronomical awakening, a transcending aura, and a psychedelic eruption. Take that description as you will.

Let’s get started!

5. Foxhall- “apart”

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Finally back with new music since their 2019 debut EP Color Theory, Foxhall released their single “apart,” which is a welcoming reminder of their sonically engaging sound. The track is an honest and sentimental work, founded by the pain of two souls drifting further and further from what was once a deep connection. Do the band (and yourself) a favor and give this song the same screaming-in-your-car-to-Olivia-Rodrigo moment it was always intended to have. 

4. Orions Belte- “Dearest”

The less words the better for Orions Belte, a Norwegian trio tagged by the progressive power of memorable melodies and evading guitar licks. In their single “Dearest,” they get straight to the point, no dramatic metaphors to analyze or overly advanced vocabulary to pretend to understand. It’s a candid, “I miss you and I want to come home” lying in a vulnerable mesh of vibey guitars and crisp beats. Hard to disregard, and even harder to dislike. 

3. Goodie Bag- “Crystal Clear”

Soft glow filter, 2000’s vintage richness is what embodies Nashville band Goodie Bag in their newest single “Crystal Clear”. Fronted by idyllic vocalist Linsey Urrea along with Riley Yeatts and Connor Teske on guitar, and Charlie Daniels on drums, the group combines elements of RnB, alternative rock, and indie pop to create a dreamy fusion shined through a kaleidoscopic perception. A cosmic row of electric beats, astral synths, and wavy guitars gives this track an addictive catch, hypnotically inviting. 

2. Tangerine- “The Coldest Winter”

Seattle-born sisters Marika and Miró Justad teamed up with notable guitarist Toby Kuhn to form a band floating in euphoric ambience, and thus Tangerine was born. Their single “The Coldest Winter” showcases the trio’s softer side, a profound tune about the heartache and pain of personal loss. Despite the heavy lyrics, the track in itself feels more like a comfort blanket, a much needed embrace to a grieving chill. Delicate guitar strums are paired with the sisters’ magnetic voices, blossoming in a halcyon hush.

1. Strangely Alright- “Alien Lover”

I can’t stress enough how much it pleases me whenever I discover a band that reminds me of The Greats. Reaching a near 8-minute mark, Strangely Alright’s “Alien Lover” never loses you. Poetic writing meets a whirlwind explosion of thumping drums, intricately-crafted guitars, and spatial synths – an anthem that overflows the soul with inspiration and awe. It’s one of those, “Do my ears even deserve to be hearing this right now?” type songs, brilliant in its delivery. And maybe I’m a little too biased from the nostalgic father-daughter musical bonding moments that revive whenever I hear this type of music. Or maybe my dad just had impeccable taste.


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