Ida Mae Delivers Raw Fiery Anthem In Latest Video Single ‘My Whispers Are Wildfire’

The critically acclaimed London/Nashville duo Ida Mae – composed of Chris Turpin and Stephanie Jean – has set the music scene ablaze once again with their new single and music video, “My Whispers Are Wildfire.”

Released as an enticing prelude to their anticipated album, Thunder Above You, set to release August 25th, the compelling new song captivates listeners with its raw energy and lyrical intensity. From the opening notes, the haunting, bluesy guitar riffs immediately transport the listeners to a world where passion and longing intertwine. 

Jean’s soulful vocals exude vulnerability, yet there’s an unmistakable strength lurking beneath the surface. With lyrics that explore the darker aspects of desire, the duo captures the essence of the human experience, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of their audience. Turpin’s guitar work dazzles, exhibiting both technical skill and raw emotion. 

Ida Mae (Chris & Stephanie-Jean Turpin) by Dean Chalkley

The music video for “My Whispers Are Wildfire” weaves a compelling narrative that complements the song’s lyrical content. It tells the story of a tumultuous love affair filled with desire and the irresistible allure of danger. The use of symbolic imagery, such as flickering flames and smoke, enhances the metaphorical nature of the song, representing the consuming power of love and its ability to both destroy and ignite.

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“We felt we were living in the shadow of the American Dream, traveling 46 states, hotel to motel, meeting a wild array of characters, from boat captains, marines to gamblers,” Turpin said, “We’ve found ourselves sharing coffee with prom queens living on the fringes, divorcees in San Francisco cellar bars and sharing stories about dead Kings with bartenders… I wanted to capture moments of these conversations, slam the flirtatious absurdity of the way we live into a musical cocktail somewhere between Ry Cooder and The Kills.”

Ida Mae’s on-screen presence is magnetic, captivating viewers with their passionate performances. The duo’s chemistry shines through in their music video, effortlessly conveying the intensity of their connection. The pair’s individual performances are emotionally charged, showcasing their versatility and stage presence. 

Ida Mae

Recorded in just seven days, their upcoming album, Thunder Above You, showcases the most significant creative period in the band’s tenure to date. It followed months of touring the states with top tier artists such as Alison Krauss, Marcus King, Willie Nelson and Greta Van Fleet, driving from clubs to arena shows and, all along, feeling inspired by the dramatic landscapes that surrounded them.

“We cut the record in under a week, pretty much all live, including the vocals,” Turpin said, “We wanted it to be an immersive experience – for listeners to feel like they were joining us at this house, recording in the glow of lamps at night.”

He also mentioned that there was no pre-production and no rehearsals, meaning what the listeners hear on the record is what went down in the room. The pair was excited by the opportunity to get back to playing with their longtime collaborators Ethan Johns, who contributed drums on the album, and bassist Nick Pini.

“My Whispers Are Wildfire” marks the first single from Ida Mae since March when they released their single, “When Eden Was My Girl,” featuring the lead guitar of modern blues prince Marcus King, who trades solo runs with the original duo. Their 2021 album, Click Click Domino, also earned wide critical acclaim and helped put them on the map.

“My Whispers Are Wildfire” is another tantalizing taste of what’s to come from Ida Mae’s upcoming album, and furthers their plight as one of the more exciting emerging duos on the scene.

Ida Mae (Chris & Stephanie-Jean Turpin) by Dean Chalkley

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