He’s Trying His Freaking Best: Colorful Chamber Pop-Rock Artist Baby FuzZ Drops Newest Album ‘Welcome To The Future’

Sterling Fox has worked with musical royalty, producing and writing for artists like Britney Spears, Madonna, and Lana Del Rey. It was only a matter of time until Fox used his talent to fulfill his own musical desires.

In 2017, Fox completely reinvented himself by creating the colorful alter ego Baby FuzZ, a solo project where Fox could release the songs he’s always wanted. Fox claims to be a songwriter first and foremost, and the persona of Baby FuzZ allows him to explore his identity through song and self-expression. Fox’s alter ego is heavily influenced by 70’s arena rock, enjoys unironically dressing like a clown from time to time, and frequently dives into an acid-trip-gone-wrong pool of visuals. 

Baby FuzZ released his second studio album Welcome to the Future: Season 1 on February 5th. The album is full of witty, tongue-and-cheek lyrics that showcase both Fox’s dark sense of humor and his introspective self-awareness. Lead single “We’re All Gonna Die” is just as morbid as you might’ve guessed, a pop punk satire about our eventual demise. Meanwhile, “Welcome to the Future” is about the threat pollution and climate change have on our planet under the guise of a catchy pop song.

Ultimately, the colorful visuals and persona of Baby FuzZ are a stark juxtaposition against the vulnerable and intimate lyrics of the artist’s discography, but perhaps that’s what makes it so genius—it’s vulnerability in a way that doesn’t feel as personal. Baby FuzZ is a way of showing Sterling Fox’s true feelings, just in a more over-saturated and glamorous way. 

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“I’m Trying My Freaking Best” is the fifth track on the album, and is one of the most vulnerable songs in the album. The synthesizers give the song an almost cosmic quality, while the electric guitar solo at the bridge pays homage to the 70s glam rock Fox says Baby FuzZ is so inspired by. Where the song stands out the most is in its lyrics. The song is an intimate ballad about Fox’s experiences working in the music industry, coping with loneliness, and his overwhelming drive to do better. However, unlike the songs before it in the album, this song has a firm resolution illustrated best in the chorus: “I’m trying my freaking best.” Despite all the hardships, Fox is still trying to do better. And in terms of self-growth, that’s the most important step of all to take. 

So underneath the colorful costumes, unique album art, and glittery makeup, Baby FuzZ is still a relatable down-to-earth artist, and his messages are sure to resonate with fans. “I’m Trying My Freaking Best” exemplifies Fox’s intimate self-portrait through the mystical lens of Baby FuzZ.

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