Dogged Country Songwriter Stefan Prigmore Drops His Swampy New Number ‘Door Girl’

Stefan Prigmore not too long ago released his album, River/Blood (2021), that – while new – feels as if it was discovered in a time capsule from an era of backwoods brilliance along with the likes of David Allan Coe and Waylon Jennings.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Prigmore was raised in an artistically rich world with his father being a musician who was eager to teach. Because of this, Prigmore has been creating and performing music since his teenage years. He brings a traditional country style with lyricism that seems to come with ease. 

In 2018, Prigmore was nominated “Songwriter of The Year” by Fort Worth magazine. This is following an extensive 39-show European tour in 2017 as the opening act for Daniel Payne, where he was lauded as a “diamond in the rough.”

Prigmore recently dropped a studio recorded version of his song, “Door Girl” which stems from the live version on his River/Blood album. On the live cut, he opens by saying, “I used to say this is a song about true love, but then she moved to Houston with my brother.” This sentiment set the tone for how honest and vulnerable his tracks are, displaying a true blue county songwriter spirit. There’s a life-affirming wisdom that comes from Prigmore, where by being so forthcoming, he also tells us that these things are accepted.

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Another standout track from his 2021 album is “Taming Monsters,” which echoes transferable sentiments about loneliness and inner demons. He doesn’t obscure any of his troubles with lofty idealism or tricky language, but rather seems to be painting as clear a picture as he can, which is easy to appreciate. 

Prigmore’s traditional country sound and songwriting is a breath of fresh air, especially if you’ve had difficulty finding new music which captures that old-time authenticity.

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