Grassroots Folk Songstress Lydia Luce Sings Of Persistence In Serene New EP ‘Garden Songs’

When it comes to gentle lullaby-like folk songs that deliver a sense of serenity and tranquility, look no further than Nashville songwriter Lydia Luce.

The singer-songwriter recently released her vulnerable new EP, Garden Songs, which delivers five beautifully crafted songs that lay out a story of persistence. The new record has garnered plenty of praise, as it’s a pristine showcase of Luce’s transcendental vocals over lush instrumental arrangements, with resonating lyrics to boot.

Luce sings about carrying on, and letting hope and love guide us in the face of an uncertain future. The first song on the EP, “Matter of Time”, recalls a time that Luce traveled to Orcas Island, and while the island was beautiful, the extreme weather at that time proved deadly. She reflects on wanting to be present in this place of beauty and inspiration, but grapples with how the same place could offer such devastation at the same time.

With matrimony on the horizon for Luce, the second song, “Vow”, is the tale of the next step in a relationship that had been turbulent. Luce beautifully paints a picture of looking forward to calmer seas ahead. 

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The third song on the EP, “Air Castle”, offers insight into the love story of Luce’s grandparents. She was inspired to write the track after seeing a collection of love letters written between them from 1909 to 1920. The message of the song is how important it is to have someone rooting for you and being by your side through thick and thin.

The EP’s closer, “Yellow Dawn”, puts a beautiful big ribbon on the project. The song seems to sum up what Luce was feeling when writing it. The idea that persistence in love and living is a choice, which she continues to make.

In addition to her solo work, Luce also created Lockeland Strings, a community organization that showcases local artists with a masterful string quintet. In the past, they have been joined by Kacey Musgraves and Lucie Silvas as well as nonprofit partners.

Luce was even featured in The Wall Street Journal back in May, which centered around the artist’s unique tour bus, and her familial history in the bus-manufacturing world.

While Luce’s summer tour is currently winding down, you can catch her in Nashville on July 29 at Third Man Records’ Blue Room.

Photo by Taylor Bogner

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