Get To Know: Ukrainian Pop Songwriter Sandra Grace Discusses New Single ‘Got 2B Famous’, Love Of Charlie Puth, & More

Devoting her time to self-development within her artistry, pop singer Sandra Grace displays this growth in her sultry new release, “Got 2B Famous,” available to stream today, November 5th. 

With an inventive new image, this release, which acts as a love letter to singer Charlie Puth, is unlike her past singles. Having revealed her debut single in 2019, she has used her music as an innovative outlet consistently showing fans new sides to her vibrant artistry. 

Growing up in a small city in Ukraine, Grace began performing at high school events that eventually led to her moving to the U.S. to pursue music as a career. After having negotiated contracts with companies like SB Projects, UTA, and others, she decided to remain an independent artist and focus on her songwriting. Currently, she’s working on projects with her producer, Mykola Basyuk, who is based in Ukraine. 

Along with her catchy pop singles in 2019, she has also released a three-track Christmas EP, A Gift for Christmas. Since then, one of her songs has won a grand prize in the Holiday Song of 2019 contest on Radio Airplay, and she continues to receive great feedback from fans, as some describe her style similar to that of The Weeknd. Last year didn’t slow her down, as she continued to write, and released a live EP on an online music festival. 

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We had the opportunity to ask her more about her musical path, international journey, newest single, and more.

According to your website, you started writing songs at the age of 13. Who or what inspired you to start making music?

I have always been taking everything close to my heart and especially at a young age. It was the time when I felt very lonely because my classmates used to make fun of me, and I just couldn’t find people who would share the same interests as I did. So I began writing songs. They actually were born out of poems which were always sad. Everything and everyone inspired me, I think.

How would you describe your sound and style to those wondering what Sandra Grace is all about?

I am a pop and R&B artist. Using adjectives, I would describe it as mysterious. My music is about taking you places to wander. I love creating art, which people can relate to, so my songs speak not just for me but for others too. It will either make you want to dance or think about something or even motivate you to make a change. My fans have told me the song, “Sleep On My Own” helped them go through break ups and motivated them to cut things off. Therefore, I guess, I sing spells.

Being from Ukraine, did you face any particular challenges as an artist pursuing music as a career? How did you overcome them if so?

Ukraine is a country, which I think makes it hard to accomplish any kind of career from scratch. For me, it wasn’t easy to find someone I could share my demos with, you know. I have always wanted to make music in English and reach other countries, the USA in particular. So, for a simple girl like me, who grew up in an ordinary family, it felt impossible. But I never gave up. When I started working with my current producer, I began to learn more about getting my music out there on an international level. I can’t say it’s easy though. I mean, when you’re in California you have everyone you need right around you, so you just find the right person. Doing it online – doesn’t make it easy. There are so many scams.

How has your songwriting grown and evolved since your first release in 2019?

Oh, God, it’s so funny for me to look back at the lyrics I’ve written, which never made it to the studio. I’ve been writing so many songs, I think I have more than 100 now. But the more I’ve written, the more I got new ideas and could create a better chorus or something. Sometimes I would even think, “Why hasn’t it come to me faster?” I think it takes practice, but I have definitely reached a point where I get way cooler ideas. Also, I feel the best is yet to come.

So I see your new single, “Got 2B Famous,” is inspired by singer-songwriter Charlie Puth. Can you walk us through the writing process for this song and what motivated you to write about him in particular?

Oh, I love this question. I don’t even know how it happened. I’ve been following Charlie’s journey for quite a while now and so one day I just woke up with a very weird feeling, thinking like, “I need to get to him, how do I get to him?” I can’t explain it, but I just felt like it has to happen, so it will. I had this thought in my head for a whole day and the feeling was just getting so strong…I’m into spirituality, so I think it was someone telling me what’s the right thing to do. So then I just sat down with a piano, looking at the keys and then it hit me- “Got to be famous to get to you”. I got visuals in my head so I kept writing them down.  

If Charlie Puth were to hear your song, how do you think he would react? And how do you hope he’d react?

Oh, I think I would have an out of body experience. I think he would be happy to know somebody wrote a song for him. He’s very kind and humble, so I don’t think he’d react bad. Manifesting him to hear the song and actually enjoy it. 

Can fans expect to see this song on an upcoming EP or LP or is it a standalone single for now?

It’s the beginning of the new era of me. My new stage image is a music which perfectly aligns with me, but not the bad one, haha. And the single is a starting point of this era and it follows up with the EP. So you will get to hear and see more from me very soon.

What messages and feelings do you try to convey in your music?

I write about everything, really. I care about people fighting for their dreams and goals, so I love to motivate. I wrote many songs about break ups and toxic relationships, which I experienced myself, so I wanted people to find support and understanding in them as well. I write about things people can relate to. This is the main thing for me. With “Got 2B Famous” I want people to feel joy and positivity. This single will make you want to dance and feel like the main character.  

What might Sandra Grace have planned to close out the year? Writing new songs, light touring, etc?

I’m excited to close this year with an EP, bringing this new era of Sandra Grace to life. I think I’ll be working on writing new songs and hopefully arranging some live shows. I’ve got so much to share with the world, so there’s a lot of work ahead. It is only the beginning.

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