Get To Know: UK Pop Singer-Songwriter Dominique Simone Releases Her New Single ‘Never Lasts’

“I wanna make music you feel glad you found.”

That’s the mantra of 20-year-old U.K. singer-songwriter Dominique Simone, who as of this publication dropped her new single, “Never Lasts.” Taking inspiration from artists such as Ella Mai, Jorja Smith, and Leanne La Havas, Simone’s velvety contralto voice and deeply personal lyrics work in tandem to create a sound that is distinct and commanding.

Born and raised in Staffordshire, England, Simone has always been passionate about music. From always striving to have a solo in her elementary school choir, to writing some of her first songs at the age of 8, she knew that being a singer was in her future. Simone began to perform professionally at the age of 16, playing gigs at local festivals and online live shows.

Released in June of this year was her debut single, “Serenity”, a soulful R&B track all about existential escapism. Simone’s vivid lyrical content and rich sound take the listener precisely to the place she sings about: “A field full of lavender and the tallest of blossom trees”.

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July saw the release of her next single, “Sweater”, which is a track that falls under an umbrella of multiple genres, pulling from R&B, alt-pop, and soul influences. Written right before the onslaught of the pandemic, the song is inspired by Simone’s first year at university. This unfamiliar sense of independence led to her writing and recording an anthem that aims to address and neutralize the stigma surrounding mental health. Her lyrics are raw and honest, shedding light on the fact that it’s okay not to be okay.

Her latest single (prior to “Never Lasts”), titled “Again”, is a breakup-inspired power ballad that features Simone yearning for what once was. The Christina Perri-esque buildup within this single foregrounds her ability to bare her heart to her listeners, allowing us to mourn this breakup alongside her.

Today, Simone has released the latest track in her young discography with “Never Lasts.”

The track showcases Simone’s powerhouse vocals, and like many of the most endearing and relatable songs, she sings about heartache and feeling lost emotionally. The piano and atmospheric percussion behind the vocals lift the song up into the stratosphere, and creates an almost ethereal feel. “Don’t wanna be lost anymore / I tell myself it gets easier,” she sings with conviction.

In addition to “Never Lasts”, she says that she hopes to release a new single each month until December, and then hopes to compose an acoustic EP.  

Between her lyrical storytelling ability and her rich voice, Simone is definitely one to keep your eye on in the pop scene.

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