Get To Know: Savannah Ashley Releases Delicate & Timely Piano Ode In ‘October Saudade’

In her latest single, genre-crossing artist Savannah Ashley taps into her seasonal feelings with her melancholic tune, “October Saudade.” 

The delicate new single is a poetic track about lost love and the chill the aftermath of a breakup brings. Regarding the title of the song, Ashley told us, “The word ‘saudade’ is a Portuguese/Brazilian word that reflects the main sentiment I wanted to portray in the song: a feeling of profound nostalgia and melancholy for love lost.”

The songwriter plays into autumnal themes with her lyrics, while layering intricate harmonies that really give the tune a robust and impactful feel. Driven by an emotional strings section along with vivid piano leads, it all adds to the emotive sense of musicality Ashley evokes. 

Her sound is defined by her intuitive melodies and harmonies mixed with her own acoustic production style that comes together for a product that’s easy on the ear and touches the heart.

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In regards to her songwriting, the songstress told us, “If I can write something that makes someone say ‘that’s exactly how I feel’ then I’ve succeeded.” In her compositions, Ashley’s delicate and whimsical vocals are well-complemented by the simple yet classic instrumentation that truly let her lyricism and powerful voice take the spotlight. 

As a young woman of many trades, Ashley has worked hard to make a name for herself, producing and collaborating on projects internationally from New York City to Shanghai. She spent her younger years traveling with the internationally acclaimed A Capella group Chamber Bravura, and performing alongside members of the Pitch Perfect cast and other A Capella talents. With her training at the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts, all of her musical experiences have made her a force in her musical community. 

While a standalone single, “October Saudade” precedes her upcoming project, The Blue Chapters, set for a February 2023 release. “There’s nothing I love more than connecting with others through music, especially live,” the songstress told us. Be sure to keep an eye out for performances in Nashville and beyond from this up and coming artist.   

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