Get To Know: Nashville Pop Singer-Songwriter Emily Ronna Releases Newest Single ‘Breathe’

A song can have many lifetimes, written in a state of mind that evolves itself into years and years worth of self-discovery and reformation. While each stage is as significant as the next, it’s always the present meaning that carries the most weight, refreshingly profound and powerful like a revival of the self. 

For Emily Ronna, this takes form in her newest single “Breathe”, an emotionally raw track born out of the depths of a depression felt in 2016. Fast forward two years later and the song finally broke out to the public for the first time, with Ronna taking the position of frontman in punk-rock band Cardinals. Now, back with a new and improved version that continues to carry the relevancy of its yesteryears, she reminds us the importance of taking a moment to simply breathe during our toughest battles. 

The record opens with a moody guitar arpeggio, setting the vibe for a classic, emo ballad as Ronna comes in with her pop punk vocals reminiscent of a young Avril Lavigne. “And I’m down again/ Sinking into nothing” she sings with heart and defeat, only to vibrantly explode into a chorus layered in intricate beats, fuzzy guitars, and stylistic synths. The track develops itself further with artistic uses of autotune and harmonies, concluding in an intimate arrangement encased in tender vulnerability. 

Ronna began her solo career at the start of 2021, releasing her first debut single, “Someone Else,” submerged in a purple hue that accommodates her sound-to-color synesthesia. Keeping with the dark, deep themes, the track follows the suffocating instability of being stuck with yourself, feeling like a stranger in your own body and mind.  

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Her second single “Vibe” excites in a chilled-out green desire, saturated in endless infatuation. “‘Vibe’ was the first obnoxious pop song I’d written…” Ronna explains in an Instagram post, “…and even though that’s not who I am all the time, it’s who I was in February 2019 and I stand by that.” 

Just kicking off her music adventure, Ronna – in only three songs – has shown her clear and enduring potential, showcasing a deep complexity in her songwriting and compositions. Her sound is a Warped Tour nostalgia melded in youthful sadness with a fun and laid back counterpart. It’s honest. It’s authentic. It’s passionate. It’s Emily Ronna. 

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