Get To Know: Jazz-Inspired Pop Songwriter Kate Cosentino Discusses New Single ‘The Match’, Opening For Katy Perry, & More

Embracing new love after heartbreak in her newest single, “The Match,” singer-songwriter Kate Cosentino is here to discuss her recent projects, career, and current endeavors in and outside of music. 

Born and raised in Kansas City, Cosentino has had a passion for music and storytelling ever since she can remember. With influences like Phoebe Bridgers, St. Vincent, Norah Jones, and more, she represents authenticity and honesty when creating her music. Having songs dealing with topics such as the struggles of eating disorders and the journey of having sick loved ones, she doesn’t shy away from difficult topics.

“The Match,” which dropped November 12th, explores and captures feelings of bitterness that tend to follow heartbreak, yet approaches these feelings with hopefulness. Giving listeners an insight into a hopeful story, Cosentino turns her attention from fear and transforms them into new adventures of life in this song. 

Still riding the high from her previous single, “Parking Lot Pennies,” opening up for Katy Perry, and seeing her music spread on TikTok, Cosentino has developed an eager fan base, and continues to build on her early successes.

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We had the chance to dive deeper and ask her about all of this and more.

Your new single, “The Match,” approaches hard-to-process feelings with optimism and hope. Can you tell us more about the songwriting process and where the inspiration came from? 

Last year I started dating my current boyfriend, but knew I was leaving in a few months for a study abroad. Having done long distance before (spoiler alert: didn’t go so great) I was super nervous to do long distance again. I wasn’t planning on doing it at all! But then I met him. And my heart was louder than that voice of apprehension. “The Match” felt like the turning point of allowing myself to enjoy this relationship instead of being scared about long distance not going well.

What was the most challenging part of the writing/recording process with this song?

Honestly, getting it recorded fast enough! It went viral on TikTok so unexpectedly, so I rushed to find a producer. The first producer ended up taking a gig on a cruise ship – so happy for him but then I was like, well. Two months have gone by and I need to get this done. So I found Alex Zegwart who had recently produced Dakota Crespo’s latest single, which I was floored by. He was incredible to work with while also planning him and his now wife Nora’s wedding! So finally 8 months after vitality – it’s ready!

You mentioned the single hitting pretty big on TikTok with over 85,000 views. How active are you in trying to get streams and hits on apps like this, or is it something you just kind of hope for? 

At the time this video went viral I was posting once a day and really trying to get something to happen. I never thought “The Match” would take off though! I thought my covers would be more successful, so it was so heartwarming to see people relate to it. Now I’m back on the social media promo game hoping I find those people again!

Who or what most impacted your music career thus far would you say?

Regina Spektor was a big inspiration. She’s the first artist I heard writing really unique and honest stories in her own zany style. Her music hit me hard and made me want to write music that resonates with people in the same way.

How did growing up in Kansas City affect your music/songwriting, and did you have any local mentors you looked up to? 

Kansas City put the jazz in my music. KC has a great music scene. I saw so much indie music growing up and took guitar lessons from Josh Johnson of Ready Astronaut & the Slowdown, Danny Embry, a legendary jazz guitarist, Jeff Minton and Matt Hill from The Floozies to name a few. My voice teacher Jaqueline Chelle Simmons also hugely inspired me to pursue songwriting. She gave me a journal and the Regina Spektor CD that started it all.

We couldn’t help but notice you opened up for Katy Perry. How did that come to fruition, and what was that experience like? Did you get to talk with her much? 

I did and it was AWESOME! I was a Live Mas scholarship recipient throughout college. It’s a passion-based scholarship Taco Bell gives to students based off of their passion. This year, me and two other scholars Bryanna Appley & Chima Emware did a cover of “The Climb” for the 2020/2021 graduates who graduate amid the pandemic. Taco Bell corporate brought us to perform at their conference, and I was one of the lucky ones who got a spot opening for Katy! I only met her for a minute but she complimented my romper. Great human!

I see you studied at Belmont University in Nashville. At this point, how do you feel it has helped you in your artistry? And do you think making good music can be taught, or is it something more inherent? 

I actually graduated from Belmont University a year ago this month. I majored in Music Business and Songwriting. Belmont connected me with so many fellow students as well as industry people that continue to inspire me. Belmont really helped me to think about the business side of my career and showed me more of what’s out there in the music industry. I think that making “good” music can be taught. To me, good music expresses some part of the human experience. The musical skills are just the tool to getting your experience out there! Some people are more naturally in tune with it, but I think anyone open to learning can make something amazing.

Not only are you a singer, but an entrepreneur as well. Can you tell us more about your endeavors outside of making music? 

Outside of music I have a guitar strap business called Big Chick Energy. I make guitar straps that match artists’ personalities – something I felt was missing growing up as a guitarist. I love seeing people’s faces light up when they get a fun strap!

Are there any upcoming events or projects that we should be on the lookout for? 

I have a slew of singles coming in the new year all leading up to my EP in May of 2022!

Lastly, what does a dream gig look like for Kate Cosentino? City? Venue? Opening for a select artist? 

My dream gig would be opening for Phoebe Bridgers, Sara Barielles, or Lianne La Havas at Meow Wolf. Manifesting it now!

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