Get To Know: Indie Pop-Rockers The Hamptons & Their Lively New Single ‘Clouds’

“I wrote this song when I felt as if there was too much depressing music in the world. I missed the music of my youth that made me feel alive like Foster the People, Phoenix, and The Killers. Lyrically its about being so infatuated with someone that you have an out-of-body experience.”

These are the words of Jackson Core, leader of emerging Nashville indie rock band The Hamptons, discussing the group’s latest single, “Clouds.”

The song is indeed an upbeat and catchy indie pop-rock tune that serves a wide audience, notably for fans of the bands mentioned above.

Core, originally from Orlando, Florida, first learned to play drums and found music as a crucial influence from a young age. He recalls hearing The Beatles’, “Hey Jude,” on the radio in the fifth grade as a life-altering moment, along with seeing Coldplay perform while in high school. These seemingly normal experiences are what sparked an unwavering desire to create his own brand of music- and so The Hamptons were born some years later.

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In 2020, Core decided to take his chances and move to Music City to pursue his dreams and passions. In the brief time he’s been in the 615, the band has released five singles.

The new single is the quintessential 2000s indie anthem, modernized and mixed with the love and encouraging drive many crave and strive for today. With the bubbling inspiration about an infatuation so strong one feels an out of body experience, the feeling is palpable, especially in the chorus where Core sings, “You look so good to me / You got me in the clouds.”

To go with fun, enamored lyrics in “Clouds”, The Hamptons have a sharp driving rhythmic electric guitar, along with steady, punchy drums. These pop-rock instrumental necessities pair nicely with the edgy yet melodically pleasing voice of Core. 

Keep an eye out for more from this young and hungry indie rock band.

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